Router Delivery and go-live date


my go-live date is the 29th April but there’s no sign of my router getting sent yet.
Should I be worried?
Also I’ve heard nothing extra about my go-live date. Am I expected to be in the property for the whole day? I’ve got no internet there so currently have to work elsewhere, at least an indication of morning or afternoon would be useful!


  • Mike.
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Hi @MikeMike, thanks for getting in touch!

I can see the router is being posted today via 24-hour DPD delivery. You shall receive the tracking details once this has been posted. I can also see your go live was also confirmed for 29th April the day after signing up - we are working on our comms to make this clearer. As we are taking over the existing line, no engineer is required.

We also cannot provide a time frame of going live on the day. It can be anytime up until midnight, however could also be before you are awake in the morning. You will receive a text from us on the day to confirm once the connection is live!


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Fantastic, thanks for the quick reply and reassurance Oliver!

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Hiya @MikeMike & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community and to Joining The Flock !!! :smiley: :egg:

I’m so glad to see @oliver got to your questions quickly as it’s normally me that gets there first,while the community is always open the team do there best to answer questions as quickly as possible to ensure there are no problems when your go live date arrives or after.

Any questions you may have feel free to leave a post and join in with any conversations that are going on

Oh this reminds me, when you texted me that my router was on it’s way you sms me a link to royal mail tracking yet it came from dpd. No big thing, but might confuse/worry some people.

I guess it depends on who the warehouse use to despatch the routers from…while I thought a Courier would deliver mine came from royal mail :man_shrugging:

However you make a good point @MV_Dev_Null :+1:

@oliver are you listening :crazy_face:

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I am due to go live tomorrow (29th) Router arrived yesterday (26th) and I connected it up to look at the settings - and it’s all connected and online - it’s odd getting e-mails saying " 1 day to go!" when the only reason I can see them is because I am online :slight_smile:

You are probably still connected to your old providers network

Hiya @PeteC

It also depends who your previous provider is/was as to how the line gets prepared as when Cuckoo took over I found they had just lifted my connection straight from my previous providers connection username and just dropped the line and reconnected on the same details.

Simple wasn’t the word for it but more like smooth I’d say. :smiley:

But I did get a text message alert before that happened so as @dan just said it may have connected you to your old provider with the Cuckoo Router at the moment.


Nope my last provider was Sky and my line has been dead for months

Still. Impressed either way

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Hiya @PeteC

It’s not often that happens before the team get alerted that the line is fully active.

Anyways it may be a little unstable for the first 10 days under the DLM Training Period but after that you should be at the best speeds your line can handle from your connection point.

Sorry I just noticed this bit on your previous post did you mean the 29th or the 28th as the 29th is Thursday not Today (28th) which would explain why your getting early messages and why there’s a connection being prepared on the line.

@oliver does it say complete on your side ???

Hi @PhantomR1982

I used to work at TT in Networks. It’s a real shame all this DLM crap has to happen. I remember the days someone would call through and I would mess with the line profile in real time - if they were not able to do it in Tech Support.

LLU is nice. I am glad I am on TT LLU and I will be double please if that backhaul is TTB as that’s where I used to be based

I am due to go live today - in fact my account now shows everything as I think it should ( phone number, and other bits) I’ve done a reboot and the line speed is creeping up so I will do what I have always done - every few days reboot until I get to my 71 download sync which is what I had with Sky)

I’ve been connected since about 10am on the 26th… Before this god knows… But I left Sky Back in Jan and the line was ceased.

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Yup it’s TTB rather than TTR and we all know what that’s like lol.

Plusnet for one I had to get them to do that A Lot before 2018 as I moved between packages,there problems lies with outdated 15year+ old systems that kept crashing and that billing system jeez no end of headaches there I went months without paying for my service but still had service while they tried to fix it,luckily I kept the money aside for them…DLM Has it’s good and bad points though but line profile tinkering was something I enjoyed watching through the BT speed tester system until my line got to a point it crashed and popped it’s card.

Just wait for the initial 10 days to elapse first however as it can mess itself up if you manual reboot during this time and can cause the line profile to error and drop the speed…after that you can reboot as needed.

I bet you’ll still get the “Go Live” Text Today or Tomorrow as that’s when billing will commence :smiley:

Hi @PeteC - your case is definitely an unusual one. I can see you have been on one of our IP addresses this week, however you are still in the process of going live now, which we haven’t seen before.

It looks like DLM is still working out speeds etc. as I can see it is slower than the expected 80Mbps. If you are still not seeing this on Monday, let us know and we can ask Openreach to resync this. It usually takes 10 days from going live (at worst), however we can sometimes speed this up.


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@PhantomR1982 I did my time at Plusnet - was glad to move on - let’s just leave it there :slight_smile: Their system Workplace was terrible in the office but always worked remotely… Meant even when sick we were expected to log in and help.

Yes TTB is the bomb,. I used to have my own office in Wolverhampton and everything :slight_smile:

First bill 24th May apparently but we will see what happens. I’ve been living on 3-14mbps 3G since Jan - this is bliss! ( 4G is bad around here, 5G non existent - 3G is the hidden gem many have forgotten about :slight_smile:

HI @Oliver I get about 75 max Sync here about 69-71 Throughput. I’ll keep an eye on it too. I often find I need to power cycle to get the the new profile active. But I will let you know if it’s not at full speed by Monday - based on previous experience it should be :slight_smile:

It’s possible my line has been semi active for a while. I got a random e-mail from Zen saying BTW were doing work to get my line ready, although I had never ordered with them - so maybe someone got their door number wrong and it benefited me? :slight_smile: I’ve seen this many times before - don’t be Vexxed by it - it’s when an engineer goes to the PCP to play with a line and his thumb knocks off 300 houses from a pin… THAT’S when you need to panic! ( had that 4 times, as well as random lines being cut off at the DP when the engineer got the quiet test wrong)

In the extreme I have personally witnessed a Kelly engineer remove EVERY connection on a DP and re connect them one by one to see which one is silent… I kid you not… :frowning:


Just got the go live SMS/E-mail which was actually several hours after my account went live - awesome:)

Now to enjoy the t’interweb again ;D

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Ahh yes! We get the reports so late sometimes, I wish we could get them more up-to-date.


HI @dan

The confusing bit is the SMS says " If you have not yet plugged in please do so" well you wouldn’t if you were doing as told and waiting for the SMS! - Might want to look at that - but overall and so far fantastic customer sign up experience - well played :slight_smile:

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The correct term is “Real Time Updates” Daniel :stuck_out_tongue:

Valid Point there as who reads and pays attention to instructions these days !!! :laughing:

All Good To Hear Your Fully Up and Running Now @PeteC

Oh thanks for that! I think we try to cover as many bases as possible if someone hasn’t plugged it in yet it saves a contact point. What wording does the community think we should use?