Router delivery to a different address

I recently signed up & my go live date is in a couple of weeks. Is it possible to get the router delivered to a different address? One where I’ll definitely be at home?..

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During the Sign-up stage there is an Option to have the Router Delivered to a different address seperate to your supply address however you may have missed this.

Not to Worry However,If you send in a email to to raise a ticket to the Cuckoo Support Team from the email address you used to sign up with they should be able to Find Your Account and amend this for you.

When you email just advise them that you posted in the community about this as well as I’m sure they forget I’m here :laughing: :crazy_face:

Hope This Helps.

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Welcome @uniquenospacesshort

Please IGNORE the " it’ll fit through a letterbox" spiel. it does not - well it does not through mine anyway which is a standard sized box. So yes best to make sure you are home - the service is tracked 48 so that’s fairly fast :wink:

Yeah when I saw posts about it being delivered by courier, I realised someone needs to be home when it’s delivered. The nice folks at Cuckoo are going to deliver it to a different address, so all is good

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The box is around 40mm high and 197wide and 365mm long, fit through my letterbox no problem. The actual problem would be that asking what size a normal letterbox is in the UK attracts the same answer as how long is a piece of string, or how deep is a hole.


Well, it wouldn’t have been my problem if it had got nicked - it was left on my bin and unless I had gone out to use one I wouldn’t have known it was there.

But anyway considering what router you get is hit and miss - Let’s just assume the letterbox problem is too :slight_smile: