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I’ve done it… signed up!

One piece of feedback. I love the fact that I can specify my router name and password in advance. Brilliant. BUT… I wasn’t so happy to see the password in plain text in my confirmation email (the one named “Welcome to the flock”). Bearing in mind how insecure email is, I would prefer that this wasn’t shown.

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Good Point !! @Tommy & @Dan This one is for your Department.

Thanks for the feedback @dartiss, the wifi names & passwords are provided in the first email so that you have a record of what it is when you signup, if you didn’t specify a wifi name or password this is where you would find your WiFi name and password, I suppose for user-entered ones we could blank out the middle, its the first time we’ve had this feedback so would like to see what the rest of the customer base thinks first?

On the other-hand, you can change the password anytime through the router so if it is a concern you could just change it once it arrives.


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I understand.

I think most ISPs supply the password with the router and not via email. For user supplied passwords I think it makes sense to suppress it.

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I Agree with you on that point @dartiss

Some passwords are ***4 out for example on confirmation emails.

Thanks for your feedback @dartiss,

That’s actually a great idea @PhantomR1982, we anticipate people may forget what they input as the go-live date can be up to 14 days after signup.

What does everyone else think to just ‘starring’ out some of the password. e.g. Pass****?

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That doesn’t work for me.

Starring out a series of numbers (e.g. credit cards - I used to work in retail, so I have form with this) is done because you can’t guess any kind of sequence. For a word it may be obvious.

But I understand the issue over the fact that they may forget, so a documented place is good - maybe hide this behind their account details.

I can see why now other ISPs don’t email but but include it with the router.

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Dont Forget though @dartiss this is your own custom password for your WIFI devices to connect to the router internally…however there will be a seperate username and password that the team will have on the background systems for your actual line connection (The VDSL Part) that will only be supplied
on request if you want to use your own equipment and im guessing this wont be user configurable
at the moment although i have had this done in the past for simplicity.

Normally theres a sticker on the back of the router or removable card to advise this where you
have to pickup the router and flip it over to obtain and input it in your devices.

Since you guys are using AWS Cognito for auth how about just storing the the SSID and a hashed key as user attributes? Or just store it in whatever DB system you are using against the user object.

Then allow users to view this in their Account page, including a link to this page in the welcome email.

We do this atm @alec-hs if I’m not mistaken. Issue all sorted.

Ah ok, I only replied as I noticed the same thing in my welcome email - WiFi password was still displayed plain text. Came to mention it and found this thread. Do you have a link to where this is on the Account page as I cannot find it.

It should be showing on the homepage of your account? Ping us an email to and I can investigate if this is an issue…

Possibly because my account setup hasn’t completed yet - will wait until service switch over is complete then will check again.

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I am in the process of switching and also found it quite surprising that the pre-generated password is sent in email. It’s not a huge issue, but is this purely a cost saving measure (I assume printing and sticking the default WiFi password on the router has some cost associated with it)?

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We print the same on the routers that are sent too, admittedly we want to make it as easy as possible to know what the SSID & Password are, seems like a nice touch to have it in a easy location if you forgot it for example.


Hiya @kn100 (Kevin) and Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

Ideally Most Broadband (ISP) Companys have Pre-Assigned SSID (WIFI Router) Names
and Default Passwords from the Network they use as agreed in Bulk From the Suppliers.

Its a nice touch what Cuckoo Have Implemented into there account/connection setup
pages where you can set this yourself and especially as @dan says they manually print
this to Affix To the Router for Simplicity some router brands have a plastic flimsy card
that slides out of the back of the router for users to walk around with and others just
require turning the router over to get the details…so having the details on email is
also handy.

In my household i just tend to take a photo of the router details and store it in my
device “gallery” for quick access to add new devices or to bluetooth the image to
other household members this way it saves disrupting the Position & Operation of
the Router and new devices can be quickly added.

Would a QR code of the password be useful for you? I’ve noticed on the newer versions of Android you can share Wifi details using a QR code instead of telling people your password :thinking: We could send that in place of the wifi name / password bit. Or is it to tech-y?


For me it’s just passwords in plaintext always make me feel a tiny bit uncomfortable. Probably in the minority though, given that the very first thing I’ll be doing is changing the ssid and passphrase so that all my existing tech gear just connects up as normal.


Good point. We’ll keep this under review and potentially in the future astericks out the password.