Router postage address

My router arrived today! The postage label was missing streetname and said “undefined” for address line 1 and 2 though…

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Whoa @techy105 Thats Bad,

Im not currently sure whose in charge of dispatching at this time but hopefully @Alex & @Tommy are watching this thread.

Im only guessing at this stage but when you processed the order did you actually fill in your full address on the account creation/dispatch page when you signed up as if you did then something’s gone wrong somewhere that needs looking into and they will need to pinpoint it…but surely the person in charge should have checked this before putting it in the post to you.

Sorry this is your first experience of a minor issue but thanks for letting everyone know and thank goodness the router actually got to you as that would be lost money to the company if it hadn’t another router will have to be despatched which goes back to a comment i made earlier in the week and tommys reply below about multiple routers being sent out.

So heres one for you to start you off @Tommy :wink:


I just thought id raise the issue in-case this affects someone else and royal mail cant figure out the address.



im sure all feedback is valuable to Cuckoo & us,so thanks for letting the community know…i hope your now up and running with your new connection and you have good speeds for the offering.

if you wish to share a speedtest that would be good (you dont have to though)


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Sorry about this @techy105. It’s probably to with the addresses we get back from Openreach and we need to run some extra scripts to clean up how they look. The Openreach address database is very old and so we have to update it with more modren Royal Mail data.

This is going to help us get better! :+1:

P.S. Thanks for answering @PhantomR1982

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Hi All,

Looking into this with our provider now, it’s a tad unusual as those fields are filled out on our end when we send the request off.




Rest assured Dan’s looking into it as I type – we think it’s to do with how some addresses are being ported over to Openreach or vice versa.

No one else has reported this issue so far so hopefully it’s an isolated issue. Thanks for letting us know @techy105 , all feedback is greatly appreciated.

We’re sending out another 1,000 access codes this week so hopefully we’ll get lots more great feedback from people. Keep 'em coming!


I’ve always found it to be quite up to date compared to some companies but i always confirm anything through Royal Mail’s Own Postcode/Address Checker manually…extra checks make a happy camper…There is a company called Loqate (Formerly PostCode Anywhere) that has validation solutions you could look into integrating into your own systems,i always found it effective on many websites i used when filling in address/account creation forms.

As For Answering the query @alex Your Welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

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Manual Processing & Validation In the Future & an Attention To Detail Is Required Me Thinks !!!

Thats What The Email said “Last Week” For “Next Week” which was actually “Last Week” but i suppose “From Next Week” can mean anytime. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@PhantomR1982 if you email us at, we’d be happy to make sure your access code gets sent out in the next batch. You deserve to be prioritised up the list I think!



Why don’t You Prioritise @RyanK92 as they brought this to my attention,I’ll wait for the Early Access Code & (Free Broadband For A Year :slight_smile: Offer),I can be patient.

Unless your my Current Provider who deserve to be shouted at.
If Only All ISP’s Treated Feedback i give them with the respect they deserve.

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My bad – I thought we’d sent Ryan’s out already!

@RyanK92 if you drop us an email at we’ll try and get yours sent out in the next batch.

Same goes for anyone else in the community that wants to switch ASAP!


Hi @PhantomR1982 We Try To Use As Much Automation As Possible To Make Sure We Dont Miss Anything a Regular Human Would. We Are Still a Small Team So Sometimes Things Can Go Wrong, However The Parcels Are Still Being Delivered, Not Like They’re Going Missing.



Robot’s can get things wrong as well and Automation can cause just as many headaches as that DiscoBot Person :smiley: But Good Old Human Manual Checking is always a win for me so im not against both as i hear quite often “oh im sorry its seemed to be a computer glitch and im not sure why that happened”

A Wise Couple Of Techs Once said “Hello I.T,Have You Tried Turning It Off And Back On Again”
and thats stuck with me for years and always makes me giggle when i hear someone else say it.

But…Sure Blame The Technology !!!

If It Was Me i’d have all the Routers in stock in a Despatch Room within HQ
& have a Computer & Printer (and Courier Contract Login details) in there
to cut costs and send them out direct to customers of course having the
stock on site might initially be costly but it could work better in the long run
especially to make sure they are working and the Firmware is Updated before Despatch)

But thats only an idea to think about :rofl:

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Received my router today guys and like @techy105, I had the undefined in both lines too.
Just had my name, door number and postcode :slight_smile:

Just letting you guys know!


Soooo @RyanK92

You have Eventually had your early access code & now a router too

Welll Done !!!

However thats Two Cases in this thread so far with the UNDEFINED Address Issue so @Tommy & @dan
need to look deeper into this and there favoured “Automation Processes” (runs and hides).

But For now im glad you have a good postal worker/courier that got it to you in one piece and successfully.

Once your up & running…Showoff those speeds to all.

Just a FYI this issue with the postage has been solved as of 2 days ago, there will be some orders that have gone out that might still have this issue if they were taken more than 2 days ago, if you haven’t received your parcel and you think you should’ve please email and we’ll make sure you get your package.


Thanks For The Heads Up on this issue @Dan :+1:

Hopefully The Solution You’ve Implemented will avoid the loss of
routers/undelivered Routers going forward and this information can be relayed where needed.

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