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Hi all

Encountered a strange error with one site ( up until today worked without problems, but now returns a ‘ERR_CONNECTION_RESET’ in Chrome and Safari. I’ve tried on multiple devices with no luck, but as soon as I switch to data on my iPhone I’m able to access it.

Any ideas? I took a look at the router settings but couldn’t find anything related to this.


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Hiya @Greg ,

I’ve Just checked that website on my side and i can access it fine
with No Connection errors using Chrome on an android tablet using
a wifi connection.

Can you check for me what the version of chrome or safari is that your running
On the device as im hearing that IOS 14 is causing a truck load of issues at the
moment if you have that O/S update and it may not be web browser related or
connection related…Can you try installing Firefox Mobile From Your Device
App Stores to see if the same happens.

I personally have older versions on hand for testing purposes (Chrome 64 & 71)

I was going to suggest trying phone data if you had that service to test
accessing the browser as i’ve co e across issues in apps where wifi fails
and phone data succeeds as its a different network type.

When i access it via wifi i can see the login page fine and it states the
site is secure and has a valid certificate until 23 December 2020.

Now another point could be the Device Browser Certificates may
need updating which is part of a system update or browser update…

Last tip to try is this :- In Chrome press your menu ::: option
in the Top Right when on the webpage that fails via WIFI and
scroll down the list and tap “Desktop Mode/Site” this should
then refresh the page and make the browser think its not a
mobile device and load…again its a pain but i have to do this
quite often also.

It opens a full can of worms to diagnose but this is what i come
across quite often.


Thanks for the reply @PhantomR1982

So the odd thing is it was working fine yesterday evening, it’s just since this morning that it failed to load, both in their app and on Safari/Chrome on mobile/iMac. I’m not on the latest iOS as I’m on an older iMac so it’s not an OS thing AFAIK. I assume their app just connects to the same website but wraps up the data in the app UI.

I can connect to the site with mobile data in the app and browser, just seems to be on wifi, so it’s very odd!


Can you install Firefox To The iMac as i’ll hold my Hands up im
not an Apple Fan so my knowledge is limited on that side.

Yet i do read up on things when i hear of a few occurences.

@Dan any Ideas ???

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@Greg do you mind opening terminal and pinging the site: ping

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PING ( 56 data bytes

64 bytes from IP: icmp_seq=0 ttl=247 time=17.734 ms
64 bytes from IP: icmp_seq=1 ttl=247 time=18.252 ms
64 bytes from IP: icmp_seq=2 ttl=247 time=17.765 ms
64 bytes from IP: icmp_seq=3 ttl=247 time=19.444 ms
…and so on, hasn’t stopped yet…

@Greg yeah just stop the ping right away, so it looks like you are getting an active connection to the site. This is going to sound silly, but do you have a VPN to try to connect using that? It could be that your IP is being blacklisted, if thats the case and you dont have a static ip I suggest turning your router off, at the wall, for 5 minutes then back on and it will rotate your ip to another and it should hopefully work.



Slightly embarrassed to say. that worked :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :smile:
Thanks @dan

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