Router status red

Hi, today is my go live date - I received the text message and email about two hours ago. I plugged in the router, I can see the wifi network, but I am not able to connect to it - the internet browser redirects me a message “Your router is in automatic set-up mode. Please follow the set-up guide provided by your ISP” - the “status” light on the router is red. I tried another socket, I tried turning the router off&on, I reseted the router. Is this normal - do I just wait until midnight today? Or is this an issue with the router? Thanks in advance for any advice!

The same is happening for me. I suggest you do what I would do.

its been 24 hours without any communication from them.

Put negative reviews on trust pilot and report them to ofcom.

Mikael, sorry to hear this. I wrote to Cuckoo team on messenger and they did reply - they sent an engineer today and he fixed it. (He said the issue was at the exchange point, wrong cable, it was redirected to a different apartment). It took 48 hours to fix it. Did you try to message them/email?

Hi @mikaeel,

Sorry that the team missed your post on the Community regarding your issue. As @Oliver mentioned on the other thread, the best way to contact the team directly is noted here: Get in touch - Cuckoo Help & Support

You can call us directly or email in and our broadband eggsperts are on hand to support you.

@Marie I’m glad the team have now solved your issue. Let us know if you need anything else.

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Hiya @Marie & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community & Flock !!! :smiley: :egg:

Firstly Let Me Personally Apologise to You Directly as I’m Normally The First Point Of Contact on this side of the The Cuckoo Support Teams.

I Will Hold My Hands Up To This as while I saw your message I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to reply,So I hope this won’t make you feel bad towards the whole team for a simple error like this.

However reading the thread I’m glad to see that the team have dispatched an engineer via the messenger contact method and they resolved the issue for you with the cable mismatch going to a different property this is an error on Openreach’s Side to rectify and only they can correct this for the team.

If you don’t get a response on here when you post within a few hours use the “@” symbol and type my username “PhantomR1982” or click/tap my name if you see it in the users list as you type your post and it should send me an alert.

The Team & Community Will Always Work Fast to Resolve Any Issues or Queries you throw towards them.