Routers configuration

What type of routers do you use?
Can i use ‘OPEN DNS’ servers to block out certain categories on internet?
Currently with Zen where you can configure router to do this…


Hiya @mikey & Welcome to the Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

The Main Router that Cuckoo uses and supplies to Customers is the "Technicolor DWA0120"
With a whole pack of features bundled inside…the full features of this router can be found
on the link below.

Most Modem/Routers out there in the wild are pretty robust for setting things up
like OPEN DNS & DDNS based services including STATIC IP’s etc so im quite sure
the options will be there in the Router Interface as i use MAC Allocation & IP
Addresses Reservations for many of the Routers that i have used and its been possible

I Must Point Out That I Dont Have Access To The Router at present as i use different tech
myself but i can advise with Screenshots If Provided on the Forum in The Appropriate
Section if a customer has one.

Hope This Helps !!!

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I agree with @PhantomR1982!

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@Mikey you can set whatever DNS servers you need at the router level, you would just need to login to it locally. We actually can recommend the google DNS & as an alternative to our default.

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@alex Really i didnt think you were an Agreer :smiley: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@dan i’ve never used those but i am aware of them,also i was reading up on the OPEN DNS Service and @mikey 's Question is Valid as in there support documents on there website they state Technicolor Routers are mostly incompatible and have required setup via Telnet :frowning: something that may not be simple for most users to learn.

The document doesnt have many Router Models on there though.

@PhantomR1982 I got @Alex to change his to the google ones yesterday :joy: We could potentially verify one for your @Mikey ?


Shock Horror you got @alex to do something straight away!!! Your a Magician :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

However if you got it to change on the Technicolor DWA0120 from your side then
thats a bonus.

Hows that for Support @mikey an ISP & Community That work together on resolving
Potential Customers Issues.

@alex walks along !!! “I Like This Too” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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@PhantomR1982 I cant wait till I can remotely put parental controls just for @Alex :joy:


@dan Muwahahaha and @alex said i was mean on another post for
calling him “a bit cuckoo” i just roared out laughing at that one thats
really made my day.

I can just see him trying to login into TrustPilot or Facebook or even
general use of the internet and Theres a picture of you waving your
finger on a redirect page in a no admittance circle.

I think @oliver put this idea in my head with a convo we had about badges.

Well Done !!!

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I wrote a poem about this

I once logged onto the internet,
To see what some friends had rated us,
But little did I know,
That Phantom and Co,
Had gone and stuffed up,
Alex (28/10/20)

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Ummm its all @Dans fault !!!

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