Sam Knows White Box

I 've registered with Sam Knows to install one of their “White Boxes” to monitor my ISP’s performance.

Cuckoo Internet wasn’t listed as an ISP so I added it into their online form and they now show it as a provider in their drop down list of providers.

I received the following message from them a couple of days ago. It appears they’re confused as you only have one package level of cover as most other ISP’'s have several and they want to add them to the online drop down list. I’ve replied to them with your welcome email showing my “package details” so hopefully they’ll update their website.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your response.

If possible, can you please send an image of the letter/email from the ISP confirming the package? As we are unable to locate the package on their site.

We will update this in our list soon after.

Kind regards,


Ah epic - thanks Dave.

We’re also in the process of on boarding onto a number of broadband comparison websites too… so you should see us more widely on those platforms.

Haha yeah i think we’re leading the way with a simple, single offer which explains they’re confusion. Is there anything you need us to do or info you need us to supply?

Thanks again for adding us to Sam Knows!

Heya @tofudave

Actually I’m Sorry to Burst Your Bubble Here but “Sam Knows” already know
about The Notorious “Cuckoo Broadband” and there Elusive 1 Speed/Package
But the reason that its not on the main sign up page is they dont have any active
speed data from a Cuckoo Connection. (My Fault)

Who replied to your Ticket and whats your ticket number with Sam Knows
if you can PM me these details i’ll get it sorted internally.

When you have your “White Box” installed and the Speed Test Data is Flowing
after a few hours you can see what’s happening over the period of your tenure
with an Internet Provider the longer you run the White Box the better and richer
the data and charts will look when your Monthly Report Card Arrives.

The Test Equipment supports Speeds Currently up to 94mbps but this will
change in time.

@tommy it’s not a speed comparison website and i hate those things for
looking at deals the White Box monitors all techie data that the connection
does and its more along the lines of something that @dan would breathe
and speak.

But its a handy tool to argue the case with your provider when line issues
occur as you have the proof in front of you.

See Below for Proof and this has been on the system since 28th August 2020.

I was keeping this as a surprise,but thanks for bringing this up :smiley:


I await with baited breath. I was actually speaking with their COO the other day about potenital partnerships but we haven’t progressed that much with that

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You could actually signup yourself @alex and add a box to your setup and
forget about it until the report card comes in to your email…if you want to
see a Live White Box & Dashboard Just PM Me and i’ll grant you access.

If your router has enough memory space you could integrate there tools
into the cuckoo (cobalt) firmware however there main test box i have
is a TP LINK with huge antenna but i believe they’ve slimmed this down now.

Getting in with Sam Knows is a wise move and really opened my eyes on my
connections stats when i started and that why i continue helping by moving
by connection around to collect data.

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