Setting up Google Nest, Amazon Eero or other mesh devices

Did you know that setting up mesh networks such as Google Nest or Amazon Eero is super simple with Cuckoo?

If you’re looking to set up your own mesh network then look no further…here’s how.

Sometimes, traditional routers may not be powerful enough to cover your whole property with fast WiFi speeds. WiFi speeds are also slower, the further away you are from the router.

You can purchase a wireless mesh network (WMN), which is a system of devices (i.e. 3 little boxes) that are designed to 'blanket" your property with WiFi. You are able to plug the primary/main device in to the router, then plug the 2 (or more) secondary devices around your home. As the router is usually located as close to the street as possible, your chosen setup may be one device plugged in to the router, one at the back of the house and one upstairs to ensure maximum coverage. The devices then connect to one another to amplify the WiFi connection.

If you are wanting to setup a mesh network (Google Nest, Amazon Eeros etc), you will need to enable bridge mode on your Cuckoo router by following these steps:

  1. Send us an email (, message on Facebook or Twitter, requesting PPPoE details.
  2. Connect to the router on a device with a web browser (via wifi or ethernet).
  3. Navigate to
  4. Login to the router page
    Username: admin
    Password - see the access key on the bottom of the router
  5. Click “Gateway”
  6. Click “Setup your Gateway”
  7. Select “Bridge” under Routed Type.
    . Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 09.23.45
  8. This will disable the wifi on the router, meaning your device will most likely disconnect and the internet connection will be passed through the main ethernet port.
  9. Plug your mesh in to the main ethernet port and continue setting up through your mesh device app.

Please note, if you’re setting up Google Nest and the Google Home app freezes when linking devices, you may need to enable “web and app based activity” which is what powers Google Assistant on your Google account. (This took me 2 hours to resolve yesterday!)

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