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Hi, I am looking to get broadband for a 3 month rental, I’m still using my existing provider as its tied to a business. Is it possible to just set up a line rental without switching?

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Good Afternoon @graham & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

The Question you have asked is a simple one to answer and Cuckoo as a team like Simple.

The Cuckoo Service is designed as a No Long Term Contract (30 Day Rolling) Product that can easily be cancelled at anytime and as such this is why there is a Setup Cost of £60 conpared to other big providers so it makes it unique compared to the other providers.

Now while most Domestic Installs have One Line into the Property many people dont realise that the same incoming line wires can house many more so as long as you have permission to use the same wires to create a secondary line from the property owner to your property this shouldnt be a problem at all.

If the connection point to the local cabinet/overhead cable is nearby the openreach team when they are notified may even be able to create a whole new line for you which is independant of the original business line you mentioned. (This will need to be confirmed by them)

Now when your doing the signup process just make sure you select the “I dont have a line/phone number” tick box on the form and a new number & line order will be generated and will alert the team that a line needs to be installed.

Now Be Aware That This Can Sometimes be Charged as an additional service at the point of install seperate to the £60 setup charge to install as most providers vary in price until @alex or @Oliver confirm this.

As an average it can be £50 - £60 for a secondary or new line to be installed.

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Super, thanks for the fast response!


Your Welcome @graham and if you want to move the connection to another property after the 3 months you mentioned then you can do this from within the cuckoo account interface up to 2 weeks before you leave the existing property and if the line at the new property (openreach) is clear from the previous occupant then the team can start a home move at your request from within your online account and the service will move with you (however the phone number may change if you move out of the exchange area your connected to but you should be notified of this)

Hi @graham ,
If you don’t mind me asking, what are your plans when you move out of the rental after the 3 months?

Our team can help you move seamlessly from your current rental and then connect your new property. Let us know if that’s any help.


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