Show us a photo of your current router setup!

Hey guys,

We want to see pics of your router in your home!

We don’t judge. Crazy kitchens. Busy bedrooms. No judgement here.

Check out my old setup in the living room ‘jungle’! (I’m a big fan of Patch Plants)

Here’s some tips on good router placement:

  • Upright
  • Facing towards you
  • In the middle of your home
  • Unobstructed by walls or furniture (especially not in a cupboard)
  • Not on the floor
  • Away from electrical devices like cordless phones and microwaves - these can interfere with your signal
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The amount of cabling actually stresses me out :joy:

I hope that’s connected to your Master Socket Tommy :wink:

Here’s mine pre-switchover. The area behind is normally a cupboard so has clothes etc so we had to cut a hole in it…

@dan and @James any pics?

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I hope that’s connected to your Master Socket Tommy

hahaha you made me doubt myself…I just had to double-check that my Cuckoo router was connected to the Master Socket :rofl::rofl:

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Ahh @Tommy at least now we’re 100% sure :stuck_out_tongue:
@Alex , I’m definitely liking that replacement hub in the background :wink:

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My camera isn’t a fan of TalkTalk’s LED :joy:I massively dislike the stand on the Hub! The amount of times I have to rescue it from behind the table is unreal.

My IP camera will have a lovely shot of me taking a photo of it, too :man_facepalming:

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I’m also digging your smart meter!
Mines looks really poor compared to that one :joy:

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It’s a new E.ON one that came with a SMETS2 meter. What does a ‘poor’ one look like? :laughing:

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Unreponsive, dead pixels and fails to show any data :rofl:

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@Tommy you forgot to mention that if you put your router near bananas then it boosts the signal

James White
Technical Head of Cuckoo


Verty artsy…almost like this

Under the TV in the living room! Has trouble reaching the garden or the snug. Urgh. IMG_20200605_093855|666x500

Here’s mine.

This is an old OpenReach modem connected to a Google WiFi router. Because of the height and downstairs depth of my house I have a total of 4 mesh router scattered around the house.

This is upstairs, in my home office, where I have the broadband/phone cable coming into the house.

Stan Lee uses the Infinity Gauntlet to improve WiFi speeds.


Want to see my Cuckoo router set itself up? :speak_no_evil: :eyes:
Switching to Cuckoo is so simple, it almost does it itself.


Watch the full version on Insta!


Breaking a few cardinal rules blocking the router but the mesh system seems to be more forgiving for this!


Ah nice – I was looking into Google Nest a few weeks ago. How you finding it @SeanW?

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Without sounding too over the top, it’s probably the best piece of technology I’ve bought!

Main reason being that “it just works”! Incredibly stable - no router issues in the 3 years I’ve owned them and seem stable despite the 20 odd devices regularly connected (lots of smart home/speakers etc), which other routers have struggled with in the past. It’s definitely the piece of tech that I most often recommend to people and have bought and installed them at my in-laws house after getting frustrated with their router falling over as soon as anyone’s else device tries to join the network!

UI app is really user friendly and simple to use.

Only real complaint is there’s not too many of the more technical features available on more of the advanced or gaming routers.


This is bloody cool.

Know my brain is thinking can we make our router look like that blue football :slight_smile:

It would certainly stand out! Might have an issue getting it through a letter box though :wink:

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Why not just tape the LED?