Signed up but now showing not available

I am due to be connected with cuckoo today,but I’ve just checked my postcode on your site and it states it’s not available to my address,whereas it was 2 weeks ago,hence signing up with you. I have the router now too. Please advise. Postcode EX4 4AQ

Hey there :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t worry too much about it now showing as not available. The checker always goes with any availability and spare ports at your cabinet. If you’ve already signed up you’ll already have been allocated a spare port.

Almost works in a one out, one in sort of thing :slight_smile:

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Hiya @cliffordpage5 & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

The Check with your postcode that you have done was it on the cuckoo website or a third party link ???

Im concerned that its now not available and that you have the router

Any Ideas why this happened @tommy @oliver

In the meantime raise a support ticket by sending an email into and the team will look into it.

Thanks for the heads up…much appreciated. :+1:

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I’ve emailed in now. A bit worrying as an engineers scheduled today at some point…

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Engineers are only scheduled to arrive if theres an issue with the line think of it as “Cuckoo Standby” (yes @alex I created a term) if your services can be activated or changed over remotely which is anytime up to midnight on the connection “Go Live Day” then it should go ahead smoothly without the engineer attending. If they are needed you should get a text message from “SiteVisit” to say they are on the way.

You’ll get either a Text Message or Email (or maybe both) to say your service is live then you can plug in the router with the microfilter (unless your master socket has one built in) and around 30 minutes or less after the Cuckoo Router does its maintenance away you go.

Any issues then just drop a reply on your post here or reply to any emails the team may send you (keep an eye on your junk email folder too just in case)

I’ve just been informed that there’s no room in the cabinet and that there’s a long waiting list so they’ve had to cancel my order. Gutting. Router on the way back in the next few days,and back to shockingly poor speeds again via non fibre Internet. Openreach are shocking… Oh well!! :disappointed:

Im Sorry To Hear This @Cliffordpage5 :cry:

While this normally does happen from time to time im very surprised that its happened on Connection Day of all things and that the Router has Actually been Despatched to you.

Have the team arranged for you to return the router because of this error.

Yes… The Cuckoo team only just heard from openreach of the problem,so have arranged router return.

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Hiya @Cliffordpage5

Once Again im so sorry that this has happened and im sure they will be actively looking into this as it shouldnt have happened at least in my eyes this late in the order process.

As when the order is committed on the OpenReach Side normally before the router is despatched this is a sign you have a slot in the cabinet.

Im wondering if Head Of Tech @dan & @Insung can integrate some processes to pick up on this sooner in the future.

Hopefully when you get a chance to get on your local fibre cabinet in the future you may want to try cuckoo out then.

I’d like to go with Cuckoo as they seem to have a good ethos and good reviews. I know this isn’t their fault,rather openreach… Any pressure from Cuckoo technical /bosses would be greatly received. :pray:

Hi @Cliffordpage5

As I detailed in the email - it’s a real tough thing to crack here. Openreach said that the cabinet didn’t have any space - and that the cabinet in question is on the ‘waiters’ list.

The waiters list is a nightmare for all communications providers as we can place orders on there, but they take months and months to clear up.

The best way to check whether there’s any availability is to regularly check our website. If there’s a space and it shows availability, then you will be able to book and go through with the order.


What’s troubling is that openreach shouldn’t have even released the option of joining you knowing there weren’t slots available. Openreach at it’s best yet again. I have to say you guys at Cuckoo have great communication with the customer. It’s just a shame ex BT openreach still can’t get their act together!! :love_you_gesture:

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Hi there. I’ve just checked your site and it states my address is available.

Hi Clifford,

Openreach have currently reopened availability for this cabinet… which is extremely unusual.

You won’t have any issues placing this order from what we can see on our end at the moment - if you wish to place it, go ahead and we’ll cancel the setup fee from going out.

You will need to use a different email if possible, otherwise the system will not allow you to sign up as you’re already on our systems.


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I can’t progress as it states my email exists already. How do I continue. Please advise. Tjx

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OK,I’ve set it up under my wife’s email…
Please could you advise on whether this is going collapse like last time?

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Please advise on what I should do regarding payment as my wife will probably get the direct debit request etc.
Sorry for all the questions,but this is rather a bizarre scenario…

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Hi Clifford,

I’ll reply to you on email here as there’s some sensitive info being passed around.


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