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Hi everyone,

I just learned about cuckoo today and I just signed up as I needed a broadband without contract. I’m only concerned about 1 thing, the initial connection. I live in a big house but only occupy my own bedsit room on the top floor and I don’t have master socket. Is it going to be an issue to get connected inside my bedsit room?

Hiya @Dijo & Welcome to the Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

If there’s no master socket coming into the property via OpenReach then as part of the Initial Setup Cost (£60) this would cover a new line to be installed at the property or activated remotely if an existing line is found but not in use by anyone else…if there’s quite a distance needed to your room/bedsit from where the main line is located/installed then this MAY require additional work and costs to be carried out.

While there could be an Existing OpenReach Line into the Property this could be controlled by someone else in another room and you don’t want the team taking over that line by mistake which could possibly happen.

If an engineer needs to attend to install a new line they will need to see where they can run it from and if there’s enough wires available to add you on and to run a socket to your room.

I would recommend that you email the team from the email address you used to sign up with as soon as you can on to ask them to run a property check and to explain this situation to them and advise them of the HMO style situation that your in.

This would also be a similar situation even if you went with any other provider that uses the Openreach Network as they would have to run similar checks.

While the Cuckoo Service is Very Attractive with its 30 day rolling contract terms and no contract cancellation fees it’s always best to find out as early as possible about potential line install issues.

Hope This Helps.

Thank you for the explanation @PhantomR1982 very helpfull.
I think there is openreach line because there one of the room/neighbour downstairs that have landline and broadband also the owner lives in flat with the same house number and have virgin media and landline. So I think it should be easy to install perhaps. I’ll contact that email to make sure there is no error.

Hiya @dijo

Your Welcome I believe it’s best to cover the most in one reply than several smaller replies.

If that Main OpenReach Line has the spare wires on it that I mentioned by the door or connection point at the property the engineer can most probably run a secondary master socket (new line) to your room either internally or externally within reason with a new phone number on it ready to plug your Router into on your Go Live Date.

You may have to have permission to do this however from the property owner/landlord as well in advance even if Virgin Media Or OpenReach Lines are present.

When you email the team mention to them you’ve spoke to me on a post via the forum and it’ll help as well.

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@PhantomR1982 is there a way to get connected earlier? I understand it depends on slots being available. But if sometimes there is cancellations, perhaps I could ask to be offered earlier connection. Not a big deal, otherwise I can stay patient :slight_smile:

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Hiya @dijo

Sadly Ofcom set up the rules where any new and existing line owners have to be given a 14 Working Day Cooling Off Period in which to cancel a setup of a broadband and line service without charge while I’d like to see this lowered to 7-10 Working Days or less myself its currently not anything any provider can do about this as it also allows for allocating engineers in certain areas etc…

You may get connected sooner than your Go Live Date but not even my magic powers can secure this for anyone.

Cuckoo are trying to lower this timeframe and other secret projects are always ongoing however until this is announced as set in stone it’s a waiting game.

@Becca or @Oliver Or @Jake would only confirm this statement.

The area speed checker when you signed up is normally accurate on go live dates in normal situations however.

My go live was supposed to be today. The technician just left saying that he can’t complete the work because there is no socket in my room and no cable coming to my room. I’m very disappointed waiting more than 2 weeks for this day. I did explain that I don’t have cable coming into my room and no socket previously. I needed this connection so urgently for work for a temporary accommodation. I feel like going for 4G dongle and cancel this whole thing.

Morning @dijo

Sorry to hear this,I agree that you did explain this in the initial stages on here

The whole point of the setup charge is to Enable the Cuckoo Connection to get up and running today.

Have you emailed in to the team yet on to explain this and to see if @oliver or @becca can get to the bottom of it for you.

What else did the engineer say as it maybe the end of the day before there notes will show up for the team so any information at this point is helpful.

Very sorry to hear about this, @Dijo. I have looked in to this and can specifically see the order was for a new line (i.e. not taking over an existing one). The Openreach system shows no port in the property, or cable running directly to it.

I am very disappointed that the engineer has just left. I can see work is still being carried out, so I am ever so slightly optimistic. I will message Openreach now to investigate this. We will follow up via email as I do not want to post personal information on this community.


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The engineer came in looking for a socket. I told him I thought he was going to install it as I explained to the team at Cuckoo that there is no socket. There are other people in my house who have brodboand with virgin and post office broadband so I know it is possible to be connected. He said that he was not qualified to do this cable work and bt needs to send a more qualified technician who will install it. I don’t understand why this technician was sent in the first place.
I was so excited today and even changed my schedule to stay home and be ready to welcome the technician at 8am.

Hiya @dijo

There are some engineers that have multiple skills under there tool belt and can carry out more than they are sent out to do.

I like these engineers yet you have to talk to them to find this out as they only tell you what they’ve been sent out for eg…phone line test or broadband test etc…

As @Oliver mentioned above he’s going to email you back to keep your private info safe from the community and if I know him he will be giving openreach a severe telling off for this as it stated it was a new line install on your order & you did check up on this early on.

Wait for his email & see what he can come up with & thanks for the extra information…I’d be fuming as well if this was the case.

@PhantomR1982 thank you for your reply. I’ll wait for further information. I hope this get solved quickly as I might be hard adjusting my schedule for an engineer to come home. I’m very tempted ordering a 4g dongle and I get fast 4G in my area. But I’ll wait and stay patient again. But i will not accept for another longer wait.

Hiya @Dijo

Make sure to check your junk email folder as well just incase the support emails get delivered there by accident as sometimes that happens and customers don’t realise that they had a reply.

I understand where your coming from as everyones time is precious and isn’t always easily adaptable.

There’s many times with previous providers I’ve been with such as post office broadband (now shell broadband) that I didn’t know when they were showing up until they did and in the 8am to 1pm slot until they woke me up.

I’m wondering if you had a Qube engineer sent to you now rather than an OpenReach Engineer as these are sub contractors and I don’t rate that company at all,Sadly Internet Providers don’t know who is going out when the service request is put through and the Engineers notes are sent to the provider.

Hi guys,

I’m locking this thread because this can be dealt with using our service team email -

Any more issues - reach out through here.


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