Signing up - house move?

Hi - planning to sign up for Cuckoo for our move to a new property. The place we’re moving to has a current active BT line and they’re currently with BT broadband.

Can I go ahead & sign up with a requested go-live date for our move date? Probably being over-cautious, but don’t want to risk accidentally having our vendor’s broadband cut off… :slight_smile:

I’m also unclear on how long it will take to set up the new broadband, it seems like it might take 10-15 days after we move for the broadband to go live. This isn’t ideal given I’m working from home. Is it this long without fail, or can it happen faster?

Final question - is there any way to have our router sent to our current address, so we can take it with us when we move? Again I don’t really want it landing on our vendor’s doormat before they’ve moved out!

Thanks for any help :smiley:

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Welcome @JimM To The Cuckoo Community !!!

Thanks For The Question,Cuckoo Really Do Enjoy Reading Them !!!
Lets Break this Down a little.

Signing Up To Cuckoo Is Always Great News to Hear :smiley: For The Team,So Definitely click the Early Access page link below

and register your interest first with your email address and then follow the steps on the checker to see if Cuckoo can take over the line at your new property it will advise your speeds for your area and if they can.

Arranging your essentials these days have mostly become automated and simple to do,personally if you have the permission from the existing owner/tenant of your new property then yes i suggest you to allow up to 14 days for this to go through and router to be despatched etc…but make sure the existing line owner has given there 30 days Notice to end there service first…its always best to wait for an empty active line before signing up and obtaining a new number (unless moving within the same exchange area and you can keep your existing number)

The line can be taken over at any point before you move in and the current line owner will be notified during this period to say Mr/Mrs Bloggs is attempting to takeover this line as its an active line so please make sure that they are aware if you do this.

There is however a new feature thats been added to the cuckoo setup form that allows you to choose your activation date if its not acceptable and it can be changed to suit you that was announced yesterday that might be helpful to you here:-

Standard Broadband Setup Times are always a 14 Working Day period but i believe the team
are actively looking into reducing this timescale with the Network Providers but this will take
a lot of hard work to arrange so theres currently no timescale on when this will happen…if you have
permission to take over the line at the property and make the people aware your doing it then
you can then advise them on your takeover connection date will be…normal person to person
transfers (both accounts in your name) are handled by the provider your transferring to/setting up
so they cancel your existing provider for you.

This is a slightly different situation however from what you’ve said.

Right Now This point i will have to ask you to email to ask if this
is possible as many despatch teams will only send Routers and tech to where
they are going to be installed including the line location…it maybe Possible as the
Cuckoo Team are trying to Fix The Broken Broadband system we have at present
and i see where your coming from about wanting to have the router to bring
with you on moving day.

I am tagging @dan & @Alex into this thread who are Cuckoo Team Members
that maybe able to answer the Router shipping question.

Any other questions dont hesitate to Ask.

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I think you might have written the Iliad @PhantomR1982 :grin:

Yup just email us close to your move date (more than 2 weeks before) and we’ll ping your router to any address you want.

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Whats a “Iliad” @alex do you mean the Cuckoo Operations Manual ?? :smiley:

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