Silly Question - should I get an Ethernet cable?

Hey Cuckoo community,

I’ve just signed up wahoo! Haven’t received my router/ been connected but I will be in 2 weeks.

Question. - I’m organising an online event where I will be speaking. Is the best way to guarantee a strong internet connection to use an Ethernet cable which is connected to my laptop?

I have a MAC so I assume I will need some form of usbc adapter?

Obviously I could rely on just the Wifi but just incase I assume an Ethernet cable connection to the router would be best?

I’m not hugely techie at all so want some advice.



Hey Lauren,

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So general rule of thumb is a cabled connection, will always be in some ways more reliable and efficient than wireless.

So if you have an extremely important event (as you do), then yes – I would say go for the ethernet cable. You can pick them up from Amazon for £10-15. Check this link out for newer Macbooks with USB-C.

That said, when I’ve had similar events where staying connected is key, I have just trusted in the Wi-Fi, ensuring I’m in an area in the house that’s got strong signal.

A tip would be to go to various places in your home once you’re up and running with Cuckoo and go to in your browser. It will do a quick speed test and check how fast your connection is. This will vary dependant on how far you are from the router. Generally, anything over 20Mb/s will be great for high definition video streaming or great quality video calls.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Tommy - so helpful :slight_smile:


Hiya @LPayne (Lauren) Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! & On Your Way To Join The Rest Of The Flock. :smiley: :egg:

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Tommy is correct where the Ethernet Lead is always the best solution to maintain a good connection between your Laptop and The Router while a short lead is supplied in the box with the Cuckoo Router if you dont have a Ethernet/LAN Port on your laptop then those adapters he linked you to will be your best option or a USB2.0/3.0 version if you have those ports so as long as theres a strong speed in your area you’ll be fine even on wireless.

Watching Netflix in your lounge is not considered an important event @Tommy shame on you :laughing:

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ahaha you jokers how funny! Thanks so much :slight_smile: I’m going to get me one :slight_smile:


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