SNEAK PEEK: The All New Cuckoo Content Hub

Hello everyone!

We’ve got some exciting news to share, and we want you to be the first to hear.

We’re in the middle of designing and building a shiny new Content Hub, which will become home to all our blogs, guides and news updates.

The idea is simple:

    articles on anything Cuckoo HQ related, customer insights, new product updates, team news, feature releases etc

    opinion pieces and expert advice on topics like privacy, security, networking, connectivity and technology.
    We welcome you to contribute, please get in touch if you’ve got an idea.
    (@ChrisR5 has already written our first guide, and we have one from @PhantomR1982 in the pipeline :crossed_fingers:)

Here is some work in progress UI design of the Content Hub home and a blog example:

We’d love to get your thoughts and feedback on:

  1. Is this a good idea or a bad idea?
  2. Will you use it?
  3. Thoughts on the design mockups above?
  4. What things would you like to read about or us provide expert advice on?
  5. What shall we name the Content Hub? Current team favourites are:
    Content Nest
    Cuckoo Content
    Discovery Centre
    Cuckoo’s Nest
    Blogs, News & Guides
    The Nest
    and of course, Content Hub
  6. Anything else?

Look forward to hearing what you think!

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Is that Cuckooese I spot there on your Potential UI artwork @tommy and where do I sign up to learn yet another language :man_shrugging:

English is hard enough as it is and Portuguese is another story which I’ll never get to grips with ???

But i can count so far in French.

But indeed there will be a guide or something coming across to you as I cant let @ChrisR5 hog the limelight lol.


Haha. Oh, you don’t speak Latin?!

The pressure is on, I’ve even used your avatar as a test in the Guide template UI designs:


Take a look at the vicci post as I’ve made a little start there as a teaser but thats not what im planning.

You know you can use me in that way without any worry lol

Maybe The Pig Pen (latin) could be a name or “The Lookout” could be a choice just an idea.


I don’t speak Latin. I do speak Lorem Ipsum though. Love a good bit of dummy text :joy:

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I thought I’d chip in with my feedback!

  1. Good idea, everything is in one place then and not spread out everywhere

  2. I would! (I might be slightly biased on that one :thinking:)

  3. Good design, nice and clean. The only thing I could think would be an issue is the more articles that are put on there, the more scrolling you’ll have to do to get to older articles. I like clicking buttons, but clicking “Load More” about 5 times to see some older articles will probably get a bit tedious. Potentially having a way to see a list of articles in a table could be nice?

  4. As well as guides and news, could we have network updates? My broadband connection cut off a week or so a go for an hour and I had no idea what was going on - turns out TalkTalk were doing some planned maintenance.

  5. The Nest sounds like a really catchy title: “Find [guide name here] on The Nest”, “Read more on The Nest”.

  6. None that I can think of right now!


I actually like Nest, but thought it might (unintentionally) get confused with Nest the smart home products.

Hmm. The more I think about it I wonder if it needs to be explicit so users know exactly what to expect… so leaning towards it having ‘Content’ or similar in there somewhere!

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Content Nest works too! “Read more on the Content Nest”, “Find more guides on our Content Nest”. What do you think?

“Technical & Headache Shite !!!” Is this explicit enough for ya @Tommy :smiley: :hatched_chick:

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I quite like the ‘Cuckoo Nest’ but do absolutely see your thinking about having content in there somewhere too mind you!

Hey gang,

SOO … we did an anonymous poll on Slack here at Cuckoo HQ for the naming of Content Hub…

I’ve included your votes @RyanK92 @ChrisR5 (the lookout didn’t make the final cut @PhantomR1982, sorry)

So far, simply Content Hub is winning, with Content Nest in close second…

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Well I cant be good at everything now can I @Tommy :laughing:



We’re hoping to launch the new Content Hub in a few weeks, (week commencing 22nd Feb). We’d love to launch with some Guides written by the community.

The topics we’re looking for content on are:

If you have an idea you’d like to run past me then email me at

Even if you’re not the best writer but you have a great idea, our team can help craft it into a polished guide for you :smiley:


Maybe rather ‘load more’ do an infinity scroll or whatever that is named. Pages load additional content as scroll is near end of the page.

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Like this. We’re planning to go live with this in the next couple of weeks so watch this space!