Spam call or not?

I just had an automated call from 01676472123 about the internet being disconnected in 3h or so due to a malfunction of the router and I need to contact ISP choosing option 1. I haven’t chosen anything and it got disconnected after free more sec.
Anyone with similar experience? I will let you know in 3h or so if that was true or not :slight_smile:


Hi @Knocik. We would only ever first contact you by email from so this does not seem right. So yes this would be a spam call. We’re also going to do some work to pull together options for people to report this to the relevant authorities. Good job in getting the number down!

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No problem and thanks for confirming in-between-the-lines that my internet will work still :wink:
I was hoping my call recorder app also recorded that but not this time as those are not very reliable.

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Hiya @knocik (Krzysztof)

Just as an addition to this please make sure you register your landline and even your mobile numbers with The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) Available on the link below if you havent done so.

It takes around 28-30 days from the point of registering for the Free Service to go into effect but it will reduce the amount of marketing based calls that you will receive.

Please continue to record the phone numbers as you can also fill In forms on the above link that TPS Can investigate once your phone number is live on the service and to build a time frequency on the numbers ringing you some of them are just weird from personal experience.

I’ve been with the TPS service for many years and I’ve reduced many of my neighbours and my own spam calls just by doing this to give them peace of mind.

You can also check to see if your number is already registered if you had an existing number that you brought over with your cuckoo connection.

Hope This Helps.


As expected, the internet works ok and I registered with TPS too. Thanks.


Yeah these calls are always a scam!
Your broadband would never be disconnected because of a faulty router ; all that would need to happen is to replace the router. Using the language ‘disconnected’ is only used to try and convey a sense of urgency in responding to the calls.

Best advice is, as you’ve already been advised is to register with the TPS and simply report any future calls :slight_smile: