Stadia impressions

Anyone on Cuckoo using Stadia?


@kn100 not yet on Cuckoo (FTTP here), however I have Stadia.

Cheap, cheerful and good if you travel with work. Works fine on low speeds and you don’t have to download large games or downloads.

Definitely isn’t competition for Xbox, PC or PlayStation - in fact, I got Stadia as an alternative so I didn’t have to buy a console. However it got me hooked on gaming and I bought a console again.


@kn100 I did the stadia Trial and found the latency (even on a gigabit connection) to be too noticeable to play shooters. I think the technology is interesting but its far from being viable yet.


I keep putting off the idea of buying one…it just didnt appeal to me over
my XBOX (Sorry Playstation Owners)

I may think about one if lockdown continues next year,which i
hope it doesnt.

Theres only 1 Fighting Game Id want it for anyways.

I should have probably said, I am trialling Stadia at the moment since Google was and potentially still is giving away Stadia premiere kits to Youtube Premium subscribers. It works pretty seamlessly, and honestly for adventure exploration type games like Valhalla - it’s absolutely perfect. 20GB of usage an hour though, hope Cuckoos data usage truly is unlimited :stuck_out_tongue:

The latency is a little noticeable, but honestly the main problem I think they’re gonna have to contend with is the compression. At 1080p the compression artifacting especially in dark scenes is very noticeable. At 4k, the bitrate is bumped up enough for this to not be as serious an issue.

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Lucky You,i read up on this offer and its only for active YouTube Premium Subscribers prior to November 6th 2020 that could get the Free Stadia.

Shame really as i never take up offers like that in fear of a big catch membership subscription etc.

I’d be interested to see if it takes off i the future but its going to need really stable speeds or a setup box to contend with the Current Leaders.

I had not realised it churned through this much data! Impressive.

If they had a better selection of games, then I will jump back on the bandwagon. I also felt online multiplayer took a long time to connect due to the lack of players. Whereas on my PS4 (PS5 on Thursday!), it connects to games immediately.

For Assassin’s Creed, it is probably significantly better than the free copy of Destiny I played.