Static IP Address

Do you offer a static IP address similar to what Zen Internet offer at no additional cost?

This got asked in the “Burning Questions” thread, link to Alex’s response here - yes, at request but coming soon as part of the product.

Yup! FYI my bad on static IPs as I’ve been confusing people. If people ask for it tell we’d like them to email after they’ve switched online and we’ll update it once they go live and then increase their monthly bill by £1.

I’ve been telling people erroneously that we don’t supply them…

Free like Zen would be even better!

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Nice pic @tofudave. Sadly nothing is free in life. I’m guessing Zen bake the static IP cost into their mothly price for everyone! Probably not fair for those who don’t want a static IP. Though I could be wrong given Zen have some kit at telephone exchanges around the country.

Hi Alex,
According to Sams Nose Zen have their own kit in 201 exchanges nationwide. Your provider Talk Talk are in 3,035 so you should have the edge on them !


Thats really cool. Will save that site!

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Sam Knows are very reliable with there information @tofudave

I’ve been involved with them for the past 9 years as a connection
tester. :smiley:

@alex most providers do bake in the Static IP Costs or offer it free as a Single IP
However companies like PlusNet only charge a one off £5 setup fee and not monthly.

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Agree with the above. Plusnet charged me a one off 5 pounds setup fee which seemed great value. 1 per month isn’t exactly breaking the bank, but it’s not the best deal!


PlusNet can bake it in for 5 pounds because they lock you into a committed term (usually 12/24 months) where they could in re-coup the loss over the time (then sneakily charge you more when the contract is up :see_no_evil: )


A great point - given that is exactly why I switched to Cuckoo.

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@dan companies like BT Group have probably baked in the monthly cost of the Static IP
already then whether a customer has it or not thats why they charge the one of
Setup Fee of £5 to activate it and to remove the Dynamic IP.

There isnt actually a charge per month after the setup fee for this unless its baked
in as per your comment i have seen other companies starting to include this by
default in all there packages.

So thats probably why PlusNet customers think its a great deal…maybe a one off
£12 annual fee would be better than a monthly charge as an option or £10 if paid
up front for the year.

Just a Thought. :smiley: