Switch from phone line to fibre?

Hey! First time poster here :sunglasses:

We‘ve got a cuckoo account, currently on a phone line connection, but fibre’s being installed on our road over the next few weeks!

Does anyone know if we’ll be able to switch across when the fibre’s all set up and live? :thinking:

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Hiya @jack & Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

If you have a Cuckoo account then you are already on a Fibre Plan which is the Top Tier Product also known as Fibre 80/20 Also known as FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) which then comes down over the Copper Phoneline to your property.

Now if your talking about FTTP (Fibre To The Property) which is the newer version of fibre on the OpenReach Network this comes straight from the Local Exchange to your Property/Home and this takes a lot longer to get installed and is a lot more complex but in time it may get faster to deploy.

Cuckoo are testing certain areas for FTTP Connectivity with a select few customers but this may be a while off for a full roll out.

The only other Quicker Option will be G.FAST which is the 150mb service which is using the FTTC cabinets BUT you have to be within a 300mtr range of the cabinet/pole your connected to for this to work but there hasn’t been any talk of this being offered just yet (Never Say Never).

Keep an eye on the BT Wholesale Checker using address mode to see when the Works complete & see what they are installing near your cabinet/pole.


As this will show what you can have based on the technology present,if you post a results screen make sure you crop the top of the image as it will show your address and cabinet number.

This way I can confirm what’s available before and after as it can get confusing to understand (I’d take a screenshot now and in a few weeks time when the works are complete to compare what’s changed,thats if your like me :laughing: )

Hope This Makes Sense.

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Hey @jack. In simple terms we need to get good commerical agreements in place so FTTP is value for money for cusotmers. We should start seeing wholesale prices drop as the supply increases across the country and Openreach can charge differential prices to help drive the switch from part copper to full fibre. Just a matter of time.

As @PhantomR1982 said we’re trialing this for some customers (one of our team is even going live with FTTP on Monday!). So we’ll see how that goes…

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Also worth mentioning that just because the FTTP’s being installed means very little. I’ve had a pole put up outside my front door at Xmas (and all over town), and all the fibre’s been strung up and pulled through underground all the way to the exchange. I got a bit excited but nothing came available online so I contacted OR via dm on Twotter, eventually I got the answer that the project wouldn’t be complete for another 6-9 months so may even be 2022.

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Hiya @MV_Dev_Null

Yep OpenReach always are fast to install new tech…that’s why no one can beat the speeds the UK Offers :grin:

Never heard of this social media platform before lol

I usually use an a instead of an o to describe that site, but I didn’t want to offend anyone ^^

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Touche !! Well said @MV_Dev_Null but you can name the site if you wish.