Switching from BT as contract expires

Hi guys

My BT contract expires on 4th October, and I’ve checked on the Cuckoo site that I can get an estimated go live of 23rd September. Just wanted to double check that if I go ahead Cuckoo will inform BT of my wish to cancel with them, and that I won’t be liable to pay any exit fees? Or do I need to inform them of the cancellation too?

Thanks for your time - looking forward to hopefully never needing to do the BT bartering circuit again!

ps. great job on the Cuckoo branding and website copywriting, it answered every complaint I’ve had about ISPs over the years!


Thanks a bunch for joining Greg! :kissing_heart: (too much?)

You can actually choose a different go-live date so that you start with us on 5th October (that way you avoid all exit fees however little). BT will get informed of your switch. Its good admin just to confirm with them that you’re leaving in the last week. They’ll be getting a notification from us via Openreach (owned by BT but separate, sort of…) anyway.


Maybe a touch :thinking: :grin: (but, the fact you asked makes me think this is the ISP for me)

Okay perfect, is it worth switching a day or two before the expiry date to ensure there’s no downtime, or if I select the same date is it pretty seamless when one stops working the other should be live? Sounds good on the letting them know, especially if there’s any unexpected bills from them, which wouldn’t surprise me.


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So no matter when you choose there still won’t be downtime. Just make sure you don’t tell to BT to issue a cease order on your line… :grin:

We’re also happy to ping over evidence to fight BT!


Perfect, thanks for the quick help, Alex :+1:t3:

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If you want very little Downtime then i’d personally set your Go Live Date on
the Day that the BT Contract expires and from personal experience you will
know when the BT Router Goes Down as your devices will tell you off so
you then plug in the Cuckoo Router and within usually a Few Hours (but it can
be “Anytime Up To Midnight” on the Go Live Date) Your New Service Will
Be CuckooFied.

Also most companies Bill you on a Pro-Rata Basis so they only Charge You For
The Days Used so if you set your transfer day for example the 5th Or 6th October
then you will be billed for a month but then credited back minus 1 Or 2 Days that
you’ve used as part of your “Final Bill” So leave your payment method active with
BT while they prepare this.

Its Always Advised to register your mobile number for text updates as your
Cuckoo Journey progresses though.


@Alex What have i told you about Blowing Kisses at potential customers…Emoji’s
have feelings too you know :wink:

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Sounds good, thanks for all the info/advice! :+1:t3:

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Switch over completed today, my signal with BT never actually switched off, but changed routers over this evening, happy with that for day one, hoping to get into the 60s in the next few days :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t3:


Hmm the ping is a bit high there however theres a 10 Day stabilisation period now in
process which will test your line periodically for faster speeds and to see if the line
can handle it…keep the community up to date.

Nice Speeds So Far !!

Just For Reference have you had your FInal Bill from BT Yet ???

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Will do, in the mid 50;s for download speed this evening. - although I should add I can see the local exchange from my window! It’s quite literally 100m down the road. I’ve not had my final bill yet, just an email confirming services were ending today…

" When to expect your final bill
If you’re cancelling everything with us, we’ll send you a final bill within seven days from when we stop all your services."

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My local exchange is 2km away so the closest thing i can see is the Street Cabinet
on the other side of the road that i wish i was on but oh well you win this round.

The BT Wholesale Checker link i use a lot gives a better idea down to your line
what speeds you likely to get when you input your details and show what
tech is available.

Make a note of todays connection date in case they continue
to invoice you for services.

Going Up is the Only Way Forward !!! :+1:


It didn’t work with my phone number presumably due to the switch today, but with my address gives me the following…

Fingers crossed I’ll be flying in the high 60s with Cuckoo before long :hatched_chick:


Im going to estimate a 73mb - 78mb range just for a game of chance :+1:
And thats just going on the BT wholesale screenshot.

So if you go above this try not to laugh to hard !! :smiley:

I’ve heard someone state they had 82mbps Down so lets see what happens
and in the meantime just enjoy !!


Now I’m excited… I mistakenly read the Cuckoo site/offering as 67mb, without reading that’s the average! :partying_face:

Haha, I’ll try not to, it’s already noticeably quicker than what I was getting with BT for the same price, so it’s off to a very good start.



Thats Good to Hear !!! & I Love The Steve Carrell Gif :smiley:

Keep Surfing Faster and Putting BT To Shame !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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The awkward bit when we’re using their same wires :sweat_smile:

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Letting those wires achieve what they’re capable of, speed test has been picking up slowly :hatched_chick: :sunglasses:

@Alex - Are you guys able to get Cuckoo added so it appears rather than TalkTalk on Speedtest.net? Might be a good place for reviews/new customers


Nice Speeds @greg

But Yes i Do Agree With You On The TalkTalk Name VS Cuckoo Name showing up but its
something on the network backend that needs arranging that i think @dan needs to look
at but i have been looking into it myself for quite a bit so its good to see you on my wavelength

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Thanks @PhantomR1982 it does go upto mid 60s then drop down a touch near the end, interesting that the ping is reducing too - any idea why that would be? I thought it was fixed depending on hardware more than anything else?

:grin: good to hear!

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Take a look in the Router connection details itself that will tell you what the current sync is before you use it and see these little speed drops.

I’ve started using fast.com on the web as it shows how far away the local
connection server is and other info including the IP.

My ping can be as high as 30 contacting servers in “Wales” of all places
so i wouldnt worry to much,the lower the ping the faster your response time.
And the more stable the line tests thinks your line is.

The closer the internet server the faster your response will be :smiley:

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