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I’ve just noticed that Cuckoo uses the TalkTalk network to provide its services (I imagine a little like how mobile network operate like GiffGaff using O2, and Smarty using Three) - should we be concerned that whilst reviews for Cuckoo look great, reviews for the speed/reliability are really poor - will there be a time when Cuckoo gets more customers and has the same levels of speed/reliability as TalkTalk? :scream:

Thanks for any thoughts!

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Hiya @Greg

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Yes you are correct the Cuckoo Network does use “TalkTalk” Equipment to provide
there services which also runs within the “OpenReach” Infrastructure to enable
most areas to connect.

But i believe as they are running on the Top Layer of the Broadband Stack
they actually get a better priority service to there customers than normal
home customers get with the long locked in contracts that’s why they can
offer Contractless Broadband so if you find its not for you then you have
no exits fees to worry about…but the Cuckoo Team are hoping you’ll be
impressed when your online with them.

This Community is just one way of letting “Customers Use There Voice”
and to “Ask Questions” or Give The Team Ideas Going Forward & to constantly
improve the service offerings in the future as its still early days.

As the Customer Database Grows so will the company but they
assure me that they dont want to compromise on the quality
aspect and become another faceless provider.

Now How Many Internet Service Provider’s lets customers do that.

I’ve heard the Horror Stories About TalkTalk as well and while i’ve not
been with them directly my Current Provider is a nightmare to deal
with and they use the talktalk network for there services also but i
suspect its more of a lack of good training most of the time and
they are told to tell the customer what they want to hear but never
to follow through.

I guess the statement i use a lot “Only Time Will Tell” seems fitting
to end this on. :smiley:

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Thanks for the informative reply, the only thing I’m unsure on is how they get priority service over other ISPs, I imagined it would be the same for all and more to do with your proximity to the local exchange. I can’t see why TalkTalk would rent out their tech then give priority over their own services, unless they’re invested in Cuckoo and it’s a move to take market share off of the likes of BT and Sky.

I’m definitely going to give Cuckoo a try, and see how it goes, I was just interested to ask the question and see what came back :thinking: :nerd_face:


Here’s where I give the famous cake answer. See below diagram!

We use TalkTalkBusiness as our middle layer. We currently can service about 50-60% of the country with that. We’re keen on also using others in the future (e.g. Vodafone for fixed wireless access that Openreach can’t reach or even CityFibre for full fibre once their prices come down a bit with more supply in the market).

We see ourselves as the network aggregator and focus exclusively on the software part of the telecoms equation. As a startup this is a more a function of capital and capacity. But it’s also something we want to stick to. There’s so much we want to do in the home that helps people manage the internet. We’ve just had a session today about that and will share more [here](