Teething issues & support for remote relative!

Hi cuckoo gang :slight_smile: Happy customer for just over a year now, no problems with my own connection - however, on my recommendation a relative has also signed up and is having a few problems.

Her go-live date was this Monday, so has been up & running for around 4 days now, and she’s having intermittent issues with the “internet not working”. She’s not local to me so I can’t visit to work out what’s going on - it’s not at all clear from her description whether it’s a local WiFi problem or a WAN problem.

I seem to remember from my go-live experience that there can be some problems in the first few days whilst the connection is optimised between the router & exchange. But should this be causing dropouts, either on the WAN or WiFi side?

I’m planning to FaceTime her over the weekend to talk her through how to test whether it’s the WiFi or WAN at fault by trying to access the router interface - at least once that’s established she can probably have a more useful conversation with support if needed! It would be useful to understand whether this is at all expected for the first few days after go live or not.

I also wanted to talk her through enabling remote assistance on the router. Having looked at my own router interface, this looks pretty straightforward - just log in, toggle the remote assistance switch on, then provide the username & password. Is there anything else I need to tell her?

Any advice welcome - thanks!

Hello Jim,

Thanks for getting in contact. For the first few days (and potentially up to 10) the line can drop through the DYNAMIC line management making changes to the connection to see what settings work best (the optimisation part you refer to). In theory this shouldn’t cause any inconvenience but it really does vary from line to line. There is no set formula for how it works.

We are more than happy to go through technical checks and troubleshooting steps with your relative if necessary. I’d much rather we be looking into this proactively than letting any potential issue fester.

You can direct them in the direction of hello@cuckoo.co and my colleagues can pick this up over the weekend. Alternatively I’ll be back in the office on Monday and I’m more than happy to take a look.

Kind Regards