The Big Gaming Thread

So there doesn’t appear to be a thread dedicated to gaming as a whole yet!
What’s your console of choice and what’s your ultimate console you’ve owned so far?

For me, I’m an XBOX Series X owner. Swayed towards the PS5 this time but ultimately stuck with the XBOX. I will always have a soft spot for the Mega Drive though ; that was my first ever console that I owned… massive Sonic The Hedgehog fan.

Also quite excited for what might be in store for Sonic this year too with it being the 30th anniversary. Wow… I feel old


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I had thought about creating a Gaming Thread /Topic myself actually being a gamer myself and a fellow Last Gen Xbox 360 User I had most of the classic consoles and still retained a few but havent used them in AGES.

so your not the only old one I have some sonic (trial) games on my console too.

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Sonic 1 was the first ever game I played. I must have been about 4!!
I then very quickly went through Sonic 2 and then Sonic 3 and Knuckles which is by far my favourite out of the classic games. Sonic Mania is absolutely up there too.

I went from the Mega Drive > N64 > PS1 > Gamecube > Xbox 360 > Xbox One > Series X.

Do you remember the Game Gear? 6x AA batteries :rofl:

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Yup I do indeed and I think i have two in my boxes sonewhere one works and one has audio problems.

The Game Gear was my go to Handheld Console back then.

I also have a PSP which was a nice replacement with its mini dvd games.

Im currently on a Gears Of War 2 Kick at the moment even though its old like me.

Ahhh yeah I had a PSP when I was at Uni… that used to pass some time in between lectures (more so when the student union was closed :rofl:)

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“Mortal Kombat Unchained” was my reason for getting it and i stumbled upon “Pursuit Force” which was a tough game to learn also.

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Good old Mortal Kombat!
I mainly used it for Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot… both of which have had unreal remasters over the last few years :slight_smile:

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I’m going to Open myself up for a little bit of crossfire here. Myself and my partner are huge Nintendo nerds and love almost anything Mario. Except Mario Party as IMO that’s not REAL Mario. If there’s anyone else out there who would rather play on a Nintendo 64 or even a switch then I am here!

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Cuckoo Gaming Nights In The Future !!!

ooohhh now you’ve started something @RyanK92 :smiley:

Sits patiently

No Warzone players here?

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I am more of a console gamer than PC these days mostly down to the convenience of it. I’m on PS4 Pro now although I’ve had most of the mainline consoles from the Master System and NES onwards - when (if?) PS5 becomes more widely available I’ll be upgrading, mainly for the new Final Fantasy. I also play Final Fantasy XIV so finally having 4k60 rather than 30 will be refreshing.

I have an M1 Mac that handles card game duties at 4k with aplomb - mostly Magic the Gathering although I’ve been playing Hearthstone Classic on and off, too.

The Switch mainly gets used for Nintendo games only as a secondary, but I had a Wii U and played quite a few of the games on that before they got ported over so I’ve honestly not used it as much as I thought I might!

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Thought I’d add my two cents here - PC gamer over here, but been getting more and more into VR.

Bought myself an Oculus Quest 2 back in October and apart from the fact you’re attached at the hip with Facebook (grumble grumble), I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve been playing a lot of Beat Saber and Pistol Whip lately, with a sprinkling of Microsoft Flight Sim and some Derail Valley


PC gamer here also! I’ve been thinking about getting an Oculus Quest as my sisters bf has one and it was ace. But think I’m gonna hold out for the pro series before I dive.

Hey @umfrevillen and welcome to the community! We’re a friendly bunch here :smile:

I did hear the rumours about a Quest Pro, but I wouldn’t hold your breath too much. The Quest 2 seems to be selling very well (I’d imagine due to its price point and standalone capabilities), but the Pro is just that - a rumour.

If you’re happy waiting possibly months, maybe a couple of years for a new quest to come out, then I would do so as VR tech is moving really quickly with the massive uptake. Otherwise, I would highly recommend the Quest 2 if this is your first headset and you want to get into VR ASAP!

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