The Birds Too Fat!

“The router will fit through your postbox so you don’t need to be at home.”

Came home on Monday to find the router outside on the doormat.
I’ve a new modern door with a standard size letter box and although it’ll fit width x length it’s just too deep to fit through.

Not a problem for me as I have a large sheltered garden but could be an issue in urban areas if left on the street/pavement.



Hiya @tofudave

Thanks for letting us know im tagging both @dan & @alex into this to make them aware
of whats happened as in my eyes thats not a good first impression thank goodness
that the router actually got to you though and stayed safe.

Most router package sizes do come through the letterbox including my own however
the postal workers tend to knock the door around my area and hand it to me directly.

Once Again Thanks For Letting The Team Know !!!

P.s I Love The Topic Title Its Very Creative.

I agree with @PhantomR1982 that’s a great name for a thread.

Disappointed that they didn’t at least ring your door bell. This is the first time we’ve seen this so are going to track how often this happens. Thanks for alerting us @tofudave

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Nobody was home so ringing the door bell wouldn’t have achieved the desired outcome.
Also have a cat flap but the bird would be history!