The Power of Simple: a Cuckoo UX case study

Morning all!

I’ve just published a new blog ‘The Power of Simple: a Cuckoo UX case study’ here:

This is the story of how we adopted a customer-first approach to the signup journey and switching process.

Did you know?
:racing_car: It takes just 6 clicks to switch to Cuckoo’s broadband, the average for the big guys is 12
:recycle: We iterate our homepage every 72 hours
:package: Router packaging can be quite fun

Would love your feedback or thoughts (on the blog or the UX of our signup journey/switch process)


The way you’ve integrated your customer feedback and research into your UX is amazing :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

I’m interested in how the stats you’ve gathered break down, within the 23.6% of your customers that had never switched did you see a trend towards a specific age/geographical demographic or was it pretty varied across the board?

With it taking an average of 6 years for people to switch their provider, normally triggered by a life change, what do you have in mind for bringing people into the cuckoo network beyond an amazing UX and simplistic, easy to understand onboarding process, and outside of a life change?

In terms of the Facebook ads you’ve been putting out (which I love by the way), how are these being targeted? Have you been able to target people who are looking to move to get in their as their operator at their new address? Is it based on specific age & geographical demographics?

And finally, when it comes to social, what do you have in store for engaging with a consumer base that never expect to hear from their broadband company until they have a problem, or need to renew? Have there been any trends in your social following/responses that have surprised you? :eyes:

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