Thinking of joining but have several questions

I’m looking to switch broadband provider and I’m mostly liking what I’m seeing with Cuckoo so far but I have some questions.

The router model is different on different pages. When I put my details in to see what speed I am likely to experience, I’m told I will be given an older model of router than is advertised on other pages. Could someone please clarify?

Can I choose the date my direct debit will be taken each month?

Is there a 1471 service? (I always thought it was standard but I had to phone my previous provider to add it, even though it was free, so I don’t know whether all providers provide it.)

Re number 16 in terms and conditions: This says the service is for residential use, not business use. I’m guessing this is to stop people actually running a business from home. Can I still use it for occasional working from home for a job I normally do elsewhere?

Re number 117 in terms and conditions: Why would you not allow customers to be ex-directory? This seems such an odd decision and could be a deal-breaker for us. Is there really no way to be ex-directory?

Also, and this might be too off-topic for here, but we’re in Birmingham and our download speed varies between around 6mbps and 22mbps. Should it really be that slow in Britain’s second-biggest city? I would have thought we’d have faster than that. How or where are people experiencing average (so presumably even higher) speeds of 67mbps?!

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

  1. Router model is typically going to be the Technicolor that’s advertised; DGA0122. You might get the white one if the black one is out of stock; but that is the current model Cuckoo is distributing to its customers. What model were you given on the sign-up page (it could just be an out-of-date page that the web wizards need to amend)

  2. Yes its to stop businesses using it primarily. Obviously residential use will always include some manner of WFH; especially with COVID and how everybody has had to adapt. The use-case you have provided is still within the terms & conditions.

  3. All customers are ex-directory by default; this was confirmed by @Alex

  4. The speed is dictated by numerous things (both outside your home; and inside such as the state of the internal phone wiring; if you’ve got phone line extensions etc…) What is the speed advertised that your line should be capable off out of curiosity? It also depends on how far your property is from the street cabinet which serves FTTC to you and your neighbours for example.

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Hi and thanks for the reply!

  1. It says it’ll be a Technicolor DWA0120.

  2. That’s great to know, thanks.

  3. That’s good to know but it seems strange to be allowing it by accepting the terms and conditions.

  4. Post Office Broadband is saying I should expect 38Mbps average, including in my renewal email, which is nonsense. I’m pretty sure I’ve never measured it as being at that speed. Cuckoo is saying to expect 22-28Mbps. Should I expect the same kind of speeds as I have now?

Hi Greyhound,

In relation to point 4… Estimates vary from checker to checker. If you already have FTTC broadband, then you’re speed should stay roughly the same on migration. Sometimes it can vary slightly (higher or lower) due to each router (any brand or model) working slightly differently on each line. What I’m saying is take the estimate as a guide and with a pinch of salt.

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Hi, I’m a happy user. If you need a referral link we can save £20 each. Just drop me a message!


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My speed went from around 55-58Mbps on PlusNet to a consistent 73Mbps with Cuckoo. Ymmv.

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I could definitely do with cutting that big initial cost if I join, thank you.

That’s really surprising! I hope similar will happen for us (I know it might not though).

Hey Greyhound, just a FYI the 60 pound cost is due to the fees we have to pay to Openreach to connect customers, we’re very transparent with that and its always something we won’t try to hide & its the only way we can provide monthly contracts unfortunately, other providers will tie you into a min 12 month contract to cover those costs usually, thats why our setup fee on appearance is high.

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No problem, it’s just a lot for me personally. I didn’t mean to suggest it’s unfair. The monthly cost is also high for me and in fact I’ve been offered a renewal by my current provider for £23 per month but I’d rather pay the extra for a good company that cares about their customers and doesn’t lock you into a contract. I’ve had better service here before even joining than I’ve received in the year I’ve been with my current provider. I also like the fact you’ve given me a much more realistic predicted download speed too - shows some honesty. And you have mercifully low calling fees too (we still use the landline as we have rubbish mobile reception in the flat).

That’s great! That is the average speed I have as well.

Enjoy your 20 quid!


I just want to thank everyone for their help.

I was set on changing to Cuckoo but I phoned my current provider to cancel (I forgot that you don’t need to do that) and was offered a deal that works out at £21 per month including unlimited phone calls any time, which on our budget I really can’t refuse (not saying your prices are too high - they’re very good - but personally I need to go with the cheaper deal on this occasion).

I will certainly be keeping Cuckoo in mind for the future though, and will be recommending Cuckoo to friends and family because I still think what you have here is great. Thanks again to everyone and sorry I won’t be joining the flock just yet :heart: :slightly_frowning_face: