Thoughts? The Cuckoo Connected Home 🏡

Hey guys,

We’re working up some blue-sky thinking about the opportunity. The more ideas, the better!

What ideally would you like to see in your home network?
How would you like to manage it?
Where do you go to purchase new connected home kit?



Nice “Network Map” Scribble

Kinda reminds me of the layout of my Current Router Setup,having most
of the features/devices connected all in one place as you login to the Cuckoo
Web Interface is handy and i guess you could build in a call to the Cuckoo
Router to check/refresh the connection map that way without a seperate login.

You might need a Custom Router Firmware to do most advanced things
or utilising Static Ip’s with more control.

Statistics are always a good go to feature for me such as seeing & monitoring the
Latency/Broadband Speed/Data Usage Management each month & this could
be done via Web based config or a Mobile App as most things seem to be going
that way for Simplicity as most users are likely to search out & grab a mobile app
than going the advanced route which to many techies is simpler.

Im always looking around at whats going on mainly via Amazon UK
Or looking at certain tech offerings at manufacturers approved stores
first such as ebuyer or broadbandbuyer but the list could go on.