Traffic/Data Usage

I have looked around the site and found the help article that says it is unlimited… I know this means that it isn’t really unlimited.
Most providers seem to say unlimited but limit at around 1TB per month. so if I want to use a theoretical amount of say 20TB per month which would most likely be maxing out the line 100% of the time, would this be considered “not sensible”
What limit are we talking GB or TB?

Yes this would be for real traffic nothing dodgy or business related like the help article says.


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@Tylexon welcome to the community!

I regularly look at data usage of our customers as this is helping me to prep for our FTTP launch (i.e, who could benefit most, when available). To note, I cannot see browsing history, just data usage.

We have a lot of customers downloading several terabytes per month since they’ve joined. Some using static IP, others dynamic. Their connections have never been throttled and as we state unlimited, we do not plan on throttling these users. The highest data usage for a single customer that I have seen is around 6tb in the month of January.

The average home uses around 350gb per month at the moment. Factoring in working from home and higher video games usage.

Cuckoo does not throttle your line, however if you were to max out the line, you may see fluctuating speeds at certain times of day (when the Openreach network is in high demand between 4-7pm).



Thank you for the reply, this is exactly what I was after.

The reason I’m most looking forward to FTTP is improved ping/latency, the speed is a secondary bonus.

Is this so? I was led to believe that if using your DNS you (Cuckoo) can see every website visted, just not the content. Have I wasted my time using DoT ^^

Refreshing still to see Cuckoo being so open with the details, glad I switched.

@MV_Dev_Null I am desperate for all of our customers to get FTTP! The join journey is still quite rough, so we are still slowly trialing this. Hopefully we’ll be able to ramp this up by summer and offer to existing customers who are able to get FTTP. Watch this space…

We can request access for this, however even as Head of Service, I would need a very valid reason (i.e. if the police were involved). The only information I see is high level “20% of traffic was video conferencing, 20% was gaming” etc…, which is all I would want right now. I don’t think its appropriate for us to access peoples personal traffic - theres no need.

I can see one property on your street has FTTP, therefore hopefully you aren’t far off. I’ll keep an eye out for you becoming eligible so that we can look in to trialing over the next couple of months.

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You just reminded me go to the OR full fibre checker and it says 1gbps, to say I’m happy is an understatement. Thanks, it’s a shame you don’t have an FTTP product yet.

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@Oliver But you haven’t sent me my special FTTP Kit and line activation yet,experience is key to improvement in this process.

@Oliver Did you have to give @MV_Dev_Null hope for FTTP Access I can see this going the wrong way :thinking:

Too Late :no_good_man: You’ve sown the seed of Excitement now :smiley: on other notes @MV_Dev_Null does it show up as a WBC product at 1GB for your area using the wholesale checker link that I normally post.

This could be interesting to watch if/when you start to upgrade your service/tech.

FTTP ordered I’m afraid guys (does this count as notice?). BT have just let me order the 900down 110up engineer coming for ont etc on 25th of may. BT had a compelling price compared to all the 3rd party vendors with only a forced 9.99 router and no setup fee, and whilst it irks me to go back to BT, at least your products will hopefully be in place by the time this contract ends or they mess up on speed and I could leave penalty free. I left the phone line active but I’m guessing I wont use it as it probably connects to their naff router.

Welcome @Tylexon To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg: I’m glad to see you like to do your research carefully when selecting a provider

Hopefully there’s plenty of answers for you to find even in the community if not ask away as we are all friendly in here mostly customers and even the staff spend time here unlike Internet providers of the past Cuckoo is doing things differently.

Ohhhh noooo say it isnt sooo,you may have to email in to to let them know your going as there’s a form that needs to be completed even with the BT Takeover as its different tech.

How good was there offer out of interest,personally I’d have waited to see what the Cuckoo trial would have been like & how long was the contract and price.

Well I can change my mind up to 2 working days prior to engineer if I get buyer’s remorse I guess. I was going to get the 300Mbps but the 900Mbps was only a tenner more, £59 a month which is a little steep but as I’ve dropped TV sevices I still pay out less overall. Small town, read stories about limited connectivity on top of those poles, so I got in first while I could. I checked a few other addresses for town like my mum’s etc seems whole town is live.
I emailed in to tell you guys, I am actually kinda sad to go back to the BT monster, but you gotta do what you gotta do right? ^^

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I’m like that as well,after i hit confirm I always think have I done the right thing ?? it’s kind of an impulse thing.

You can always try there offering and possibly come back like you said if/when Cuckoo’s plans roll out there’s no harm there as i move around a lot but always to a different provider but at least you’ll have the FTTP Hardware installed then.

I was told by OpenReach that once you upgrade to FTTP then you can’t go back to FTTC based products so this put me off and you won’t be able to make phone calls if the power goes out as it’s all digital and no emergency call backup…this will be more reliant on mobile phone networks I guess.

Well its new tech so prices will always be high before dropping.

Let the community know how it goes.

The transfer will go through in the normal way when BT place the takeover order to Cuckoo but letting the team know just covers you incase this doesn’t work in the same way.

I have been known to do double that - I doubt you will be seeing more than 6 from me - but you never know!