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My name’s Mikkie and I’ve been working at Cuckoo since March and have recently taken on the Cuckoo Twitter account as an additional responsibility. I’m reaching out to the community to ask a few questions to help boost engagement.

If you’re on Twitter but don’t currently follow Cuckoo - what are you waiting for? As we continue to grow and expand our flock, there will be more eggciting content on social media. We don’t want to follow in the footsteps of other brands but want to create a unique presence and offering for our great customers.

If you use Twitter on a regular basis, what sort of content would you like to see Cuckoo posting and why?

Also, how can you see us boosting followers on the platform?

Finally, what are some of your favourite brands on social media and why?

Thanks in advance for any contributions

I hope you all have a great day :blush:

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I like brands that don’t push rubbish every day. Try to think of it like your own twitter, post when you have something to say, not just the look at us guys we’re cool, join us type posts that other brands do constantly.
I usually join those for a competition then unfollow a week later. That being said, competitions are a good way to go because people want free stuff, free internet for a year, free kick ass third party asus routers etc… Dunno what funds you have for promotion but free stuff works and most companies make tag a friend part of the comp.
So far you’ve been fine on Twitter, but I suspect if you want more converts to a set it and forget it vdsl line you’re gonna do better on Farcebook and its various groups for villages towns etc.
Make a BIG thing of the things that set you apart, help with 3rd party routers/1 month rolling/customer service etc. You aint gonna compete with the big boys so why play their game at all.

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I don’t do Social Media as in the mainstream sites -the closest I have ever come I guess is when I did your first ISPr review yesterday - and to me that’s social media in the sense I post and people read it.

That’s about it from me. I guess this forum is also classed as Social Media.

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Hmm… Twitter is a funny one. There’s a fine balance between peaceful constructive chat and full out war on that platform!

In my humble opinion, it’s a bit like LinkedIn. Important to get your profile out there. But the most important is engaging WITH people not just the platform peripherals.

Are you looking to use Twitter just to engage in conversation or provide an aspect of help and support on it? Maybe on Twitter you could do an educational series and bust some broadband technical myths like you are doing well on the contractual/service aspects.

Support in 140 character quips would be great. No support in the DMs. Out on the platform would be great. It then shows people who aren’t on the immediate influence radar that you can do the tech and other stuff without ending up like others (no names) who on Twitter just redirect you to a form (mega frustrating). My point is if you can showcase the amazing competence of the company on Twitter and not look like Robots like everybody else then that will speak for itself. Only implications you have to worry about are GRPR. But if you can ask people for their handles to implement in the system to recognise just like an email or mobile number then that may get around the problem.

Personally I think Twitter is outdated. Instagram all the way. A picture speaks a thousand words.

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100% appreciate this. Finding a good balance between posting regular content and when we have something to announce or promote is essential.

I’m exploring competitions in the future that are both open to new and existing customers to keep in line with our values.

This forum is a very specific form of social media. Thanks for contributing though!

I love the idea of pushing service and how unique our offering is vs other providers, and perhaps even calling them out when the time is right. We want to find a balance between being speedy and upfront when people ask for support, we don’t mind helping out without additional forms or websites, some contact we just keep in DM’s as it’s private vs replying to tweets directly.

We want to offer more tips and tricks relating to all things broadband in the future. We’re sharing blogs and insights at the moment. We also want to appear friendly and that we can “have a laugh” in terms of things that are trending and aren’t pre-planned, which I think is part of the excitement behind Twitter vs Instagram or Facebook.