Two Master Sockets - which to use?

I’m a new customer that has a go-live date next Wednesday! Very excited.

However, I have a question regarding the setup process with the router, as I don’t want to set it up wrong.

I have two master sockets. One older style one and the other next to it is labelled with ‘Openreach’. Both have one socket on them so I know I need to use the filter. I just don’t know which one to use? Sorry if it’s a silly question but there isn’t anything that hints that I should even have two sockets and therefore no priority of which one to use.

Thank you,

Hi @RobbieGlow,

I’d suggest trying the newest one first. But try both if you have no luck with the other one. Changing which socket you put your filter into will not cause any harm or disruption to the activation process.

Kind Regards

Hey Edd,

Thank you I will try that!