Ultrafast Fibre

Is it because the backend uses Talk Talk that it cannot find my 2-year-old FTTP connection. I saw somewhere that TT are the back end provider and they cannot find me either from the web.

@ex-wireman can you please explain where you’re trying to find this information? On the Cuckoo website or an external source?

On your Cuckoo site (I have also sent 3 replies via the register your interest pages ). I also have the same difficulty on the TT site although I understand you have to use TT business and ring them up for some reason. Like I say I have had FTTP for nigh on 2 years…with Openreach/BT

Hello @ex-wireman our checker does not show if you have FTTP available or not because we don’t currently support or supply it.

However we are launching it in October so when it launches our checker they’ll get updated as well!

Hmm, interesting since i can find it myself on most checkers? May I be so bold to suggest you reply to queries when sent in when filling in the ‘Yes I’m interested’ query on your website?

Hello @ex-wireman

Yes you will be able to. We deliberately don’t include it yet because we don’t sell it. When we launch FTTP we will include the information.

This is just to gage interest in our FTTP offering when it launches. You can contact us at hello@cuckoo.co for a reply from me or one of our great Eggsperts.