Use Your Own Hardware?

Will it be possible to use your own hardware with Cuckoo? I.e. you provide a user with the PPPoE details. I do this with my current supplier and it’s much preferred.

Failing that, is it possible to put your router into Modem mode?


Hi Rick,

Both options are possible, however some future features might not work if you don’t use our router.

Cheers, Dan


Thanks Dan, appreciate that


It makes me sad you don’t like our router :sweat_smile:

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I’ve just joined up to Cuckoo.
I was wondering where I can grab the login details to use my own hardware instead of the provided router (I’ll keep thise stored away as a spare)

I’ve used the same expensive router for som time and not only does it suit my internal network setup better (static IPs, internal servers + NAS’, etc) but it also provides excellent coverage to my property via additional AP’s.

Is this login information something that needs to be requested? As I would like to schedule an update if possible so once my service is activated it can tick-over to being online with no hassle :smiley:



Thanks @jwrb. If you pop an email to we’ll send the info over :+1:


Customers need to have “Access To Your Router” & “The Cuckoo Network” First to decide if they dont like it,However looking at its tech specs i can only see Wireless “N” support so unless theres options to enable B/G/N support im not sure “At This Time” either :stuck_out_tongue:


Hiya @jwrb

You’ve peeked my interest now on how your setup is compared to a standard Home User Connection You Might Find This Topic Below Handy to share some photos with us all (No Commitment :grinning:)


It’s not as fancy as you might think. My router sits in the center of the home, and a couple runs go out to switches which connect to various devices tucked in a rack in the cupboard and such.

I do run a subnet mask, and have preconfigured static IP address’ for almost all network devices (including Chromecast, Google Home, NAS’, Cameras, etc)

The main router provides coverage to the entire property, then AP’s cover extremities garden, driveway, etc. Coverage is primarily 801.11ac presently, but I plane to upgrade to a newer model once I start to rotate my devices to ones which support a newer spec!

So all in, the setup just looks like a router on a table. :grinning:


@jwrb Don’t Be Modest :astonished:

Thats quite a Fancy Setup And puts mine to shame i literally have the router sat on top of the Alcohol Cupboard with long enough leads trailing down the back to my Master Socket. :upside_down_face:

Static IP’s are Always a Win For Me however only 1 provider i’ve been with offered them at a small cost yet i’ve seen it pop up recently with a couple of others,I’ve Thought about expanding into other places going fully wired but i can’t escape the amount of wireless access i need on devices that have a variety of wifi speeds up to N but most are wireless B/G so AC Would be pointless at this stage unless the devices and AP were stable enough

But I’m Very Impressed :+1: :+1: :+1:


Alcohol cupboard is the most important area of the house… You have chosen well :slight_smile:

I mostly just use internal static IP’s. I do a lot of dev work and have done for years, so having internal services with static IP’s often speed stuff up (and means my shortcuts to various devices don’t have to be updated, even if a device goes offline for a period of time)

Most of my devices are Wireless AC where possible, but some of the Google Home and Chromecast stuff is just N. Pretty sure I only have 2 older devices on the 2.4Ghz network :slight_smile:


Oh Yesssss @jwrb

The Alcohol Cupboard is the best spot (Yet i Rarely Drink,Go Figure :joy: ) but as its high up in the room it can broadcast to the whole room and to the upper floors from its corner (in theory) It however should give good signal to the upper floors and kitchen but my devices start to see huge wifi drops and ethernet so i just put up with it…even by going into the kitchen 1.5 metres away…and sat right next to it is no better either.

Im going to change my infrastructure for my own Equipment again One Day to something i can trust.
It says its outputting 144mbps which should be stable but as wireless N Is capable of up to 300mbps i dont even come close to that to even say i feel comfortable with it…im sure its the routers bad firmware (being out of date) but my ISP doesn’t have a clue even to why im seeing huge drops.

At least With Static IP 's you can easily remember your local IP number but currently with Dynamic IP enabled i never know where i am…one minute im in cheshire,next im in london,then in wales…it drives me bonkers i used to love MAC Address Device Control but having to record and build a input list all the time was tiresome so i gave up.

Dont tell me off but i rarely use the 5Ghz signal as i find the 2.4GHZ Signal is normally reliable and i can see which routers nearby are on which channel so i use the interference free ones…my ISP Advisor Told me off for disabling it until i told him i dont have many devices above wireless N So whats the point of wasting extra power broadcasting a secondary signal…he then thought about it and called me A Smart Guy and asked why i wasnt on the technical helpdesk teams myself ?? to which i replied “You wouldn’t be able to afford me”

TaDa !!

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I’d certainly be utilising the alcohol cupboard a bit more. In my house I have the same but I call it the kitchen…

I’ve tested my speeds internally in the past and at the boundaries of the building I get a solid 600-700mb/s of speed which is enough for the work I do. My property is close to the local exchange so I am able to get a pretty speeds of (on average) 78mb/s down and 21mb/s up. Which is just fine for a measly copper line in my area.

I’m not sure I could live with Wireless N. A lot of the houses nearby pretty much exclusively use 2.4Ghz networks, I can only imagine because of poor routers provided by service providers. Luckily it leaves a big chunk of spectrum free for my use :grin:

Haha :smiley:


@jwrb I know i should utilise it more really to be honest on a weekend other than with my sunday dinner.

my kitchen is always occupied with Crafting & Baking based things so its off limits.

thats really good speedwise on your setup im about 1.8km away from my Exchange but even though theres a closer FTTC Cabinet to where i live i cant get moved to it but it triggers the 80/20 line profile…Yet my Actual cabinet only triggers a 40/10 profile because of line length.

oh well roll on full fibre packages !!!

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I’m confused. Who only has one alcohol cupboard?!


@jph people who dont drink a lot !!!
Saying that some people keep them in the fridge as well.

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Does your router offer guest mode?

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Welcome @buca To The Cuckoo Community !!!.

As Far As i can see theres no mention of guest mode on the Technicolor DWA120 Router in its specifications listed below.

i have seen many newer routers from other manufacturers have started adding this feature
and it may just be a case of it being added via a future manufacturer software update.

That saying i dont have one in front of me currently to explore but as a thought you could
just setup one of the wifi bands to be your guest mode on a seperate Wifi (SSID) Name
eg… “Buca’s Guests” solely on the 5GHZ Band for example and set a seperate password
to connect to that then just disable that band in the router when guests are not around
and just use the 2.4ghz band for your daily device use.

If i can find out for certain i’ll let you know.

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Thanks for the answer.

I am more concerned with not allowing visitors access to my internal servers that have back ups, financial records and company confidential information.

The guest mode allows access to the internet but not internally.

I have a Draytek Vigor2762 that I would use as it handles the port forwarding etc to allow syncing of backups between me and my sisters setup.

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Hiya @buca

Draytek are a good brand and i used to have one in the office i worked at but i think it was a Draytek Vigor1200 back then for routing the ADSL 1 Service between the office terminals and the server.

Guest Mode is a newish feature that i’ve been hearing about but i’ll be honest with you i
havent seen it on any of my current ISP routers so maybe its only on the higher end
models of modem/routers like TP-LINK ≤---- there website
make as this is where i see it mentioned a lot and they have a mobile app to control
certain features on selected models…

Security is always a priority in any enviroment so i can see why you would want this
feature…if it helps the team can arrange for your connection details (once your active
on the service) to be supplied if you have your own modem/router but @alex may cry if
you dont like the supplied router…but he will get over it in time :joy:

Most modem/routers are packed with port forwarding features these days but
enabling UPNP (universal plug n play) allows this to be done automatically but
in some cases manual rules still need to be set.

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