Use Your Own Hardware?

Welcome @buca To The Cuckoo Community !!!.

As Far As i can see theres no mention of guest mode on the Technicolor DWA120 Router in its specifications listed below.

i have seen many newer routers from other manufacturers have started adding this feature
and it may just be a case of it being added via a future manufacturer software update.

That saying i dont have one in front of me currently to explore but as a thought you could
just setup one of the wifi bands to be your guest mode on a seperate Wifi (SSID) Name
eg… “Buca’s Guests” solely on the 5GHZ Band for example and set a seperate password
to connect to that then just disable that band in the router when guests are not around
and just use the 2.4ghz band for your daily device use.

If i can find out for certain i’ll let you know.

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Thanks for the answer.

I am more concerned with not allowing visitors access to my internal servers that have back ups, financial records and company confidential information.

The guest mode allows access to the internet but not internally.

I have a Draytek Vigor2762 that I would use as it handles the port forwarding etc to allow syncing of backups between me and my sisters setup.

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Hiya @buca

Draytek are a good brand and i used to have one in the office i worked at but i think it was a Draytek Vigor1200 back then for routing the ADSL 1 Service between the office terminals and the server.

Guest Mode is a newish feature that i’ve been hearing about but i’ll be honest with you i
havent seen it on any of my current ISP routers so maybe its only on the higher end
models of modem/routers like TP-LINK ≤---- there website
make as this is where i see it mentioned a lot and they have a mobile app to control
certain features on selected models…

Security is always a priority in any enviroment so i can see why you would want this
feature…if it helps the team can arrange for your connection details (once your active
on the service) to be supplied if you have your own modem/router but @alex may cry if
you dont like the supplied router…but he will get over it in time :joy:

Most modem/routers are packed with port forwarding features these days but
enabling UPNP (universal plug n play) allows this to be done automatically but
in some cases manual rules still need to be set.

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Hi all,

I am new to Cuckoo and asked if I can use my own router as the router and on the phone they said yes. I can’t seem to get it to work. I have the Netgear Nighthawk XRM570 Gaming Router and Mesh WiFi system. I am using the DumaOS site and it’s not allowing me to enable wireless properly.

I want to use my router as the router without having the provided one as the modem. Is this possible?

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Hi Shadow,

Unfortunately, the XRM570 is a router only, not a router/modem. You would need to use the Cuckoo provided Technicolor router as a modem then put it into Bridge mode and connect that way. This is because UK broadband doesn’t specifically have an ethernet connector straight into the port.

If you’re using DumaOS as installed on the XRM570, I would recommend checking that you have the modem/Technicolor router we supply on Bridge mode. Here’s an article to help:

What do you mean by:

it’s not allowing me to enable wireless properly.

As this would be handled by the XRM570, not by the Technicolor router - some screenshots would help with this. If you need specific support related to your connection, hit us up at

Hope this helps.

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Welcome @ShadowDragon6194 To The Cuckoo Community !!! :egg: :smiley:

While Most of the Staff Behind The Scenes can do more advanced things on the connections side of things than I can do here currently in the community even with my knowledge set they dont know about every single piece of hardware thats out there and I’ll hold my hands up neither do I however lets have a look at this shall we. :smiley:

As you mentioned you have a Gaming Router + Mesh System in Place these are tricky to setup and posed a challenging afternoon for one of the team called @tommy and he wrote a Brilliant Article on how to Setup a Mesh System on the article linked below which should give you a good idea on how to do this correctly.

This is called “Bridging” to make the link between the Cuckoo Connection (Modem) and your Nighthawk XM570 Router while using the Cuckoo Modem as just a Connection Point and disabling the router functions and wireless on it and then your Netgear Nighthawk XRM570 takes over as the Router.

If not done correctly you can create errors what techies and engineers call “IP CONFLICTS” as both routers will have the same IP Address and they will be fighting each other for control and causing wireless issues.

That said im looking into this model’s specifics so although I dont have one to hand you may need to send across some screenshots of your router’s interface and attach them to this post when your forum permissions go live.

DUMA OS is a new one on me and I’ll look into this later just so im aware of it and add it to my research banks now and for the future (sheesh I sound like a computer or a bot lol although that is still in debate)

But Based on the specifics I’ve been reading your NightHawk Is Solely a Router or Access Point for the Wifi (SSID) for you to connect to and or Ethernet connections.

It DOESNT Have a Built in DSL/Fibre Based Modem To Work Independently where you could take the Cuckoo Router or any other Providers Router out of the equation.

Think of it like plugging in a Virgin Media Cable Modem into the Nighthawk before they released there Superhub which added wireless to customers properties.


Thanks guys. I will look into bridge mode.

My friend managed to solve the signal for the wifi/wireless being sent properly.


We Are Here If You Need Any Further Help @ShadowDragon6194 just drop a post on the community and someone will get back to you.

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I have tried to follow the article by @Tommy and the suddenly everything stops working. I am just going to keep the router in PPPoE mode and turn off its wireless.

What Part Stops Working when you follow the guide…im happy go over the setup with you on the community or by private message if it helps.

PPPOE Is just the connecting method used to achieve the connection to the internet

It does sound like an “IP Conflict” Is happening between the two Routers However.

@ShadowDragon6194 Make sure not to plug the connection from the cuckoo router to your 3rd party device into LAN Port 4 or the WAN port (WAN is the red port and LAN4 is the port next to it) LAN 4 is reserved for managing the cuckoo router in modem mode along with wireless (if it is enabled)

Any other of the 3 yellow LAN ports are fine and are bridged. Hope this helps?

Morning @ShadowDragon6194,

Did you have any luck last night?

You’ve got the A-Team here with @ChrisR5, @PhantomR1982 and @jake so keep updating us and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

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I am not yet a customer of cuckoo but probably will be asap.
The reason I’m replying is I only spend about 3 months a year in the uk, so I like being able to cancel when I go back abroad.
The problem is I would have to send the modem back every time I cancel.
I spoke to the team on the phone and they said it would be possible to buy my own to prevent this inconvenience.
Now I’m not very Savvy on this so am asking which modem would be compatible with cuckoo?
The lad on the phone said it would need to be a router/modem. I only have a 1 bedroom flat and only do browsing and tv streaming.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hiya @stanner (Stan) and Welcome to the Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley: :egg:

While the Info that was given to you on the phone was indeed correct it is
also a better option overall in your personal situation to have your own
router either as a backup for troubleshooting or to save messing around when you need a rolling contract connection for only a few months.

Now theres many modem/router manufacturers out there and it can get messy and confusing however i prefer to use “TP LINK” Products myself as they have never let me down so far.

Currently i run the TP Link Archer VR400 (AC1200) which is simple
to setup and play around with and fast wireless speeds.

All you need to do is input your providers connection details into its
few setup screens and it will light up and be ready to browse.

Amazon link here :-

however this model has recently been upgraded to the below version.

Newest Version :-

but you don’t have to know that much techie stuff to set one up and the Cuckoo Community will be on hand if needed.

its worth buying a modem/router out right that you control as its then classed as unlocked so whoever you decide to use eg.Cuckoo,BT,Plusnet,EE etc…can just be used without having to setup a new router that your unfamiliar with.

the only time you will need to change/upgrade is if the external network hardware changes on the
providers side or you change Internet Provider.

Hope This Helps.

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Hi Phantom
Thank you so much for your thorough response. Fantastic! Just the information I needed. I will now buy the updated modem you recommended and then sign up to Cuckoo broadband.
Am I right in thinking that I can then pay monthly for say 3 months then cancel when I go back abroad.
Then a couple of weeks before I return start up again.

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Hiya @stanner

Your Welcome & i always try to cover the most information in as few responses as possible by thinking from your point of view and not my own thus making it simple and clear for both of us and anyone that may read this post in the future.

Yes that Is currently the way Cuckoo Broadband is setup its a monthly payment via Direct Debit so just also take into account that theres a 14 working day (mon- fri) waiting period for the connection to be setup with the £60 Connection Charge which when you weigh it up in your calculations it isnt too bad really seeing as theres no lengthy contract compared to other providers 12-24 month contracts which with cuckoo you can also choose a future date if you want it connected later up to 2 years in the future on the setup form

And it covers a lot of things…im not a great fan of connection charges as the team know but they cant cover everything for FREE.

So when you need to set it up again its the same process again but you’ve actually give me some secret ideas to discuss with the team at a later date about this.

But im sure you will be happy with the TP Link Modem/Router as I am with mine.

If you would like a referal link I can send you one when your ready to signup via private message (PM) To click to enable the referal bonus which you will then get your own link upon account setup incase you want to tell your friends about cuckoo after you’ve tried the service and then earn some bonuses for yourself :slight_smile:

Any and all Questions are Welcome on this community to help the team.

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Hi Phantom
Thanks again for fast and thorough response. Great stuff.
When I was on the phone to the lad at Cuckoo he did speak to his Supervisor and the answer was that future connection charges could possibly be waived if I had my own router/modem and I was effectively pausing my rolling contract.
After all its mainly about the money.
For example, if I did 3 months in, 3 months out over a year that would be 6 x £30 monthly, ignoring the initial connection fee, £180. Then on top of that I would have 2 x connection fees over the year, £120. Total £300. As you know most of the big providers are charging that on contract. I think the re connection fees would have to be waived to make it a viable decision.
It was mentioned on the phone that you are in talks with Ofcom about pausing connections for people in my situation.
Could you also please send me the referral link to join cuckoo.
I have just ordered the modem router from the link you sent me. Thanks very much for all your help.:+1::+1:


Hiya @stanner

There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes and somethings im let in on and others its even a surprise to me.

While I cant really say if the above is going to happen or not its worth popping into the community everyso often and having the mailshots on email to keep up to date on things.

I’ll send that link over on PM to you so you can start your journey when your ready.

But your above response is valuable information/insight to the team so I can see it getting liked by them.

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Hi @stanner, as we are charged the £60 connection fee by Openreach to switch on the connection, you would be charged this every time. This would still be the case whether you used your router or not.

We would loose a lot of money if we waived this fee each time someone paused/un-paused their connection as we would still have to foot the bill.

Every time you cancel the connection, there would be a £60 setup fee to resume the connection. We wish it was as simple as pausing a gym membership (mines been paused since before coronavirus even started), however we will hopefully be able to offer that in the future :crossed_fingers:

Let me know if you have any questions,


Hi Oliver
Thank you for your reply and clarification on this matter. It seems to me that Open Reach are the stumbling block on this and hopefully Offcom will look into this area of the market further.
What a shame they are so greedy and holding companies like yourself back in futurising the market in this way. I am sure their are thousands of people in the same situation as me who would jump at the chance of being able to pause their internet whilst away for long periods of time and the first company to do this I’m sure would be highly rewarded.
Anyway Oliver and Phantom, thank you so much for all the accurate and honesty in this matter. Wish a lot more companies had the fantastic customer service you have given me.
I just need to do the sums now.
Thanks very much.