Use your own router

We are constantly listening to customer feedback in this community. One of the main things that has come up over the last few weeks is the ability to have no Cuckoo router sent to you and instead use your own router from day 1.

Not only is this great for you because you don’t have the hassle of yet another unused router in your cupboard/loft/bin. But you’re also doing your bit for the environment by reducing technology waste :recycle:.

So as of today, you can sign up to Cuckoo with the option to use your own router from your go-live date!

Which router will you use?


Woop woop

I’m going to choose the one that has fake dialup sounds

Hi, can I just enter the connection type (PPOE), and my username and password, to connect a third party router modem?

Or, will it just work ‘automagically’ when connected to the modem socket?

I will probably want to keep using the WIFI on the Cuckoo router, cause it’s very stable.

Nope, you will need to put the cuckoo into modem/bridge mode, that will kill all of it’s functions and will act purely as a bridge. There’s no way its wireless is better than a 3rd party router anyway. If it was then don’t use the 3rd party one because it must be very old. Your PPoE details are on your Cuckoo page when you sign into the main site. Cuckoo also has a guide how to exactly this, I’d read that carefully first.

Hi @cbdeakin if your router & modem support PPOE connection type, then yes you will be able to enter the username and password found in My Account for it to connect to the internet. But the important part is that your router has a built in modem as well for this to happen.

However, if it does NOT have a built in modem then @MV_Dev_Null is correct you can switch our router into Bridge Mode by following the guide.

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Hi, I connected a different router + modem and the VDSL line wouldn’t connect. I remembered that sometimes you need to enable VLANs on routers to connect to some ISPs.
These settings were needed on an Asus router to connect (off by default):
VLAN: 101
IPv4 and IPv6 enabled

You can usually find these settings on the WAN page of your router’s web interface.

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