Using Mesh System with Own Router

I am looking at getting a Mesh System. I currently have my own dedicated modem and the Netgear Nighthawk XR5000 Gaming Router with an extender. But The internet connection in one of the rooms is very unreliable.

I am looking at getting the Netgear Mesh Orbi System,
Would this replace the Nighthawk XR5000 or would I connect it to my current router?

@ShadowDragon6194 the NetGear Orbi system would require the modem to connect to the broadband (VDSL) line. So you wouldn’t need your XR5000 anymore unless you wanted it for a specific feature the Orbi doesn’t offer. I wouldn’t advise doing Modem > Router > Mesh System (as three separate products) since there’s a likely hood of Double NAT problems and also possibly a pushback due to the number of times the connection needs to go through different features. What I’m saying is there is likely to be overlapping capabilities between all the different devices (which isn’t always a good thing).

I’d suggest a configuration Modem > Orbi like that to remove the double NAT scenario. I think the Orbi also manages the PPoE connection.

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