Wanting to keep old tel number

Good evening. Finally I can escape from the Plusnet mire.

I’ve just signed up and although I entered my existing phone number (01646 std code) for the initial test, I couldn’t find where I needed to input it to be able to keep the same number. Have I missed something or do you just take it from that initial page please.

many thanks guys


Hi Mark,

Assuming this page is correct the action of entering a phone number should signal that you want to keep it:

Note the text in bold.

So as long as you entered your phone number, that should come across with you.

Indeed I recently went live with my old phone number. It was a while ago when I signed up because I booked my switch quite far in advance but I don’t recall having to do anything to keep the number so should be mostly automatic!

Hope that helps.



Welcome @Ukwoody and thanks for taking your first flight! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

@chrisd is slightly wrong given that we’ve recently updated the flow so you enter your number at the very first stage (this allows us to know whether we need to install a new line). If you’ve entered your number here then you’ll keep it when you switch over. See below. But this has also made me realise we don’t have the old text in the current sign up flow. So I’ll raise this now with the team and see how we can improve this. Hope that makes sense!

p.s. If you want to make double-y sure just email hello@cuckoo.co and we’ll confirm the number you have.


Heads up @Alex I got the screenshot from here so the help page might need updating:

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Thanks. We’ll get on that.


Thank you very much. It is also very reassuring to see you take notice of an issue such as this and WANT to make changes to correct it.

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Yeah @alex dont be a misery guts and tell @chrisd off when you didnt update
the help section images with new content.

Dont make me send you to the Naughty Step Again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did also check the form last night and Alex is right the text is missing that explains
the entry boxes and could do with a few tweaks here and there based on the old forms
and newer one

I must admit i do miss the yellow & white cuckoo theme from the setup pages
as it looks a bit bland in white and blue

But thanks for bring Both Issues to the Teams Attention @Ukwoody & @chrisd if nobody
tells us these things they cant fix them and Alex tells me enough that they need to keep it
simple for everyone.