Website change log - 2020-07-06 - Big announcement!

Hi All!

We’ve been making some big changes to our website over the past couple of weeks and have released a new change to how we’re taking early access signups:

Notable changes:

  • We no longer require you to use your access code, we only require your email to sign you up, so if you have signed up to our list and want to know if we can service you, please enter your email into this page:
  • We let you know immediately if you can use our service when you signup to the early access page, if we can’t serve you we let you know.
  • We now do additional checks to make sure we can sign you up, this change has been implemented into the signup flow & also the early access registration.
  • We’ve improved the overall signup experience and have made some changes to our UX to make some things super clear such as making sure if you don’t enter a phone number you will have a new one assigned.
  • Improved our address lookup a bit, more to do here but we’re trying to make it as best as we can.

Question to the community:

Do you like having these types of topics? The tech team here is more than happy to provide change logs to things we’re consistently updating. Let us know what you think.

For now, have a good day :slight_smile: :hatching_chick:

  • The tech team

Hey Dan :wave:
I for one always appreciate a change log - it’s good to know when we spot changes or are on the look out for one that it’s happened (a great way for us to discover things too).