We're in the papers today! 🗞

Here’s us in the papers, and yes @PhantomR1982 I don’t know what a ‘net internet supply’ startup is either. Onwards with the campaign :star_struck:


Full article here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12823418/cut-broadband-tax-rishi-sunak-save-2billion/

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I hadnt seen the newspaper yet so thanks for the heads up @Alex thats awesome to see that you got yourself and Cuckoo Mentioned.

Wheres that big full page spread you promised us though :smiley:

And “net supply start-up” should have read “internet supplier start-ups” i think.

Its not as if you wrote the article so i cant criticise this time on bad wording so your off the hook :stuck_out_tongue:

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@PhantomR1982 @daaryll @marcus its looking like we might in CityAM tmz too!


Do i have to order a carpenter to expand your office door width now @alex ??


But I was right! https://www.cityam.com/internet-is-an-essential-so-why-is-it-still-taxed-as-a-luxury/

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You were only tagged in this post @alex and not actually mentioned as per the sun newspaper
article but still its a 15% door size increasement. :smiley:

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