What are the most underrated /overrated Easter Eggs?

Terrys Chocolate orange easily the best egg I’ve had to date.

Never fully understood the hype behind Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and the same goes for their eggs :man_shrugging:t6:

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Luckily, I rather like chocolate orange - its certainly an acquired taste - I always ended up with loads at Easter from family who received but didn’t like the taste… :yum:

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Behing or behind @insung ??

Nice to see you back on the community after 5 months away from it.

I’m always partial to a KIT KAT Crunchie Egg and bars but more recently I’m addicted to “Salted Caramel” Stuff

But you can’t beat small Cadburys Creme Eggs in a box of 3 or 5 or even Caramel ones. :yum: :egg:

One mans trash is another mans treasure

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Can’t say I’ve tried a Salted Caramel one, giving me ideas…

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Oh trust me you’ll get addicted to it once you try one.