What do you miss about office working?

For me, it’s the air conditioning and being able to have natural conversations without booking in slots with people.

The unlimited supply of coffee !


The long commutes, paying for parking, congestion…wait wrong thread!

Lunch and after work socials is the one thing I miss.


I’m quite lucky in terms of the fact I’ve been allowed into the office on a part-time basis since September.

I missed the commute and just interacting with people face to face before that!

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I miss the small interactions you have without the need for Hangouts!

That and the lunch options available around our HQ in Spitalfields… :eyes:

I miss working in Waterloo for the stint I did a couple of years ago - The lower marsh market was amazing for a spot of lunch!

Weridly I kind of agree with you but I think in smaller doses it works a lot better

I definitely couldn’t go back to a commute every day. I like the flexibility of saying “Nah, I’m working from home today” :joy:

For me it’s really the human interaction!
Although I am saving a substantial amount without having to travel to and from work.
One big bonus is not having the worry about having to drive into work in the really snowy and icy weather. That always gave me the fear!!