What infrastructure does Cuckoo use in London?

I have unstable internet with Virgin. BT works well in my area, but they have 24-month contacts so I want to try Cuckoo, depending on what network they use in my area.


Good Morning @Oceans247 (Christopher) and Welcome To The Cuckoo Community !!! :smiley:

Cuckoo Broadband uses the OpenReach (BT) Network of wires to connect customers to there network which uses the TalkTalk Business Equipment for a better performance over normal home users plus as there’s only a 30 day Rolling contract if you decide to leave (which the team hope you won’t need to) there’s no exit fees payable where there would be with other providers dependant on the contract type Eg…12 month or 24 month chosen.

You can run a check using your postcode on the website and it will show you the average speeds available in your area based on the equipment available near you.

It’s always best to do this before signing up anywhere to see what you can be offered as there’s no commitment at this stage.

Hope This Helps !!!