What should our broadband deal be called?

We need your advice to help name our broadband deal. We only have one, so haven’t named it yet!

‘Simple broadband, for good’ is our current frontrunner. But we thought that you may well be able to come up with something better.

For context, other providers use things like ‘Superfast’ or ‘Unlimited Fibre’.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Suggested deal names must be 30 characters or less
  • As many entries per person as you fancy
  • Our favourite will be immortalised on price comparison sites and many other places
  • And the top 3 (in our opinion!) will each receive a Cuckoo T-shirt
  • Submit your entry either in this thread or by replying to our November newsletter (if you received it)
  • The deadline is 22 November

Also, this is my first post here, so hello.


I’d suggest keeping it simple with room for expansion down the line if you ever offer a second package. Something like
“Just Works”
or “Simple Broadband”
or “No fuss”
or if you wanna be a bit more hyperbolic and push the no contract angle you could call it “Freedom” - which gives you room in the future to go with “Freedom Full Fibre” or “Faster Freedom”.

Or how about names of birds? I’m thinking you call this package “Duckling” or similar, and then future packages that are faster could be named bigger birds like “Phoenix” or something. Lower tier BB packages like the OR 40/10 product maybe you’ll offer in the future could be named “Chick” or something!

Maybe that’s too many suggestions… Hope they help to spark ideas. Loving my Cuckoo broadband so far.


This is just me thinking out loud, but I think it would be good to keep the theme around Cuckoos. The idea is to be different to other broadband companies and I think using words like broadband, superfast, fibre and things like that sound a bit same-y.

You could call the current package “The flock”, but it would also give you the expansion for other packages, like “Small/Smallest flock” for slower speeds and “Bigger/Biggest flock” for faster speeds.

It’d also allow a tie in to things like “Join the flock” or “Make the switch to the flock” as people would relate that to the package name.


Really enjoying the strong bird theme of suggestions so far. ‘Feathered and tethered’ is another team favourite that we received over email.

@kn100 kind of wish baby cuckoos were called something more memorable than ‘chick’ because that’s a nice idea. But also like the simpler ones - def no such thing as too many suggestions!

@ChrisR5 good point on linking back to ‘flock’ - there may well be something in that

Keep them coming! Both bird and non-bird related

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