What's your current broadband speed?

  • Less than 2Mb/s
  • Between 2Mb/s-10Mb/s
  • Between 10Mb/s-20Mb/s
  • Between 20Mb/s -40Mb/s
  • Between 40Mb/s-80Mb/s
  • 80Mb/s and above

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Since we’ve already got a poll on here about where our routers are positioned, I thought it might be a good idea just to see what sort of speed us lot are using at the moment and how we’re feeling it works for you and what we typically use our broadband for :slight_smile:

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Really good idea @RyanK92!

I’ve currently got around 12 devices connected and pay for 500Mb/s broadband. While this is obviously considerably faster than what FTTC can provide, I don’t feel I can justify paying what I do for such a high speed ; I’m just not reaping the benefits from having such a high speed! A FTTC connection would do us just fine these days!!

The cost is also eye-watering so I won’t post that on here :scream: :rofl:

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