WhatsApp calls issue

Hi all

My connection is great, speed is good and I have no issues doing Zoom videocalls, streaming movies, etc

The only issue I have is when I make / receive WhatsApp phone calls on my iPhone: the call connects but myself and the other person keep hearing the ‘beep’ (‘reconnection…’).
In the meantime, if I disable wifi on my iPhone the call then connects as normal
If I then re-enable Wifi, the call continues as normal, so it looks like there’s an issue while connecting only

Is anyone experiencing the same?

Other than this, I’m very happy with the service

I’ve resolved this.
It’s a switch called ‘Allow local network’

Hiya @acecco01

While I’m Not a WhatsApp User Myself I do find myself looking into it more and more on a daily basis but mainly on the Android Side rather than the Apple IOS side for people.

I have been hearing of a notification issue where people don’t know they have messages from there contacts but hearing of your issue is new to me.

The “Enable Local Network” you mentioned above sounds to me like it is requesting for Mobile Data to be turned on in the Background as WhatsApp requires that to function but using the Mobile SMS Network only for Verification Methods to check your Phone Number is active.

As long as your Device is Verified To Your SIM then WiFi Data shouldn’t be an issue unless it’s an issue with WiFi Calling on the Mobile Network try disabling this under your device settings then try to make a WhatsApp call.

WIFI Calling I’ve experienced symptoms where the user can hear the person calling in but they can’t hear us…or Calls being dropped but disabling WIFI Calling resolved this.

Hope that makes sense.