Where is the family Filter settings?

Sky/Talk Talk and most providers have settings to stop certain content. Where is this for Cuckoo as it’s a talktalk exchange after all.

Cuckoo are resellers of TalkTalk Wholesale capacity. Content filters are applicable for service providers, so Cuckoo would not be using TalkTalk residential or business content filters since they are a service provider in their own right. It’s only a requirement at the moment for big providers to give customers content filters - small providers tend to avoid because it is costly and not always fruitful.

If you want content filters I’d highly recommend looking at some reputable DNS providers and change the applicable settings in your router.

Thanks for the reply.
I did not want any but wanted to make sure family filters were off
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Hi, can you explain a bit more about that? I thought I could adjust the router settings to filter adult content. I have kids and need to.



Hi @Ana

Please note what I am saying here is only from my own experience and opinion, and does not reflect Cuckoo in anyway whatsoever.

I would look at OpenDNS Family shield. Here is the link: Home Internet Security | OpenDNS. You just set the DNS settings and forget about it. If you want always on blocks for sensitive content this is the simplest.

If you however want more customisation, then you can do that with OpenDNS but it’s a little more complicated.

If you need more information or options just reply back here and I’ll do my best to help you out.


Hi @gouledw

Thanks very much for your help. I thought you worked for Cuckoo :sweat_smile:

I have seen another post with something similar but with an extra protection against malware, so I will go for it. If I can’t set it up maybe I’ll come back to you!

Very kind of you!



Hi @Ana,

Personally I use Cloudfare for DNS protection and can filter out anything I want. But it’s quite a mission to setup and possibly is a little too over the top for what you’re looking for.


Hi @gouledw , you’re right, a mission to setup. I’ll go for the one you’ve recommended me.



Hi again, @gouledw

I strongly need help, if you are so kind! I am trying to setup OpenDNS to filter adult content but I am struggling.

First I clicked here: Setup Guide | OpenDNS

Then here: Generalized Router Configuration Instructions – OpenDNS

I can’t find the ‘the DNS server settings’ in my router. I guess it’s in Local Network but I can’t see it!

All help welcome!



Hi @Ana

I’ve never personally used a Technicolor router. But I believe this guide here should help. Just to say, please make sure your confident doing this. Because if something goes wrong there is not a lot I can do to help you at that point. I’m merely trying to point you in the right directions as best I think.

I’ll summarise though for you and hopefully it’ll be very similar.

  1. Go to
  2. Login to the router admin settings using ‘Sign in’ at the top right hand [admin username and password should be on the back/bottom of the router on the sticker]
  3. Select local network (or the cogs nearest it)
  4. Click the + ‘show advanced’
  5. In the DNS server field enter the DNS servers for OpenDNS Family shield in this format (as per the guide) ‘,’ [omitting the ‘].
  6. Leave for five to ten minutes and then test that said sites are blocked to confirm its working. You can also test that OpenDNS settings are working here.

I also looked into the “Family content and malware” like you mentioned earlier. The closest I’ve found is this. It is by Cloudflare the same company I personally use. If you want to try this option then input the DNS servers using this format ‘,’. If all fails, then delete the DNS servers so you inputted so that the router will revert to the standard ISP ones.

I really hope this helps. Good luck!

The ONLY guaranteed way to control and monitor your kids online activity is to use some Parental control or monitoring software on the client device you wish to control (it will need to be a rootkit to be transparent to the user so make sure its a trusted company). Don’t waste your time trying anything with an ISP router, it’ll be bypassed in seconds even by young kids.

Hi @gouledw

Thanks for your priceless help. I have followed all the steps but it doesn’t work. I only have one box for DNS servers and when I try to add the addresses separated by commas it says that the verification of some parameters has failed.

I have tested the OpenDNS settings in the link but no success :frowning:

Well, you’ve been great helping me anyway and I am very grateful.

Take care


You can test the DNS you are currently using at dnsleaktest.com, you have no way using this router to force a client to use the DNS you set. Maybe the client will use it, maybe it wont.
I also note you are putting IPv6 addresses in the DNS Server box, delete those, there’s no IPv6 on Cuckoo for now., would suffice.

Those setting are cloudflare’s family filter addresses. As I said before they are easily bypassed, but it is as good as you can do really without a third party router. Once set turn all devices off and reboot router, the turn devices back on. Just don’t bother trying to use the Cuckoo router for anything other than the connection and DHCP. The cloudflare DNS filter is as good as you are going to be able to do without spending money on parental control software for devices or a better router. You would need a next-gen firewall with DPI to do what you really want, and even that is relatively easy to bypass, just don’t get too involved in the whack-a-mole game of network security it leads to nought but grief and pain, for promised joy. ^^

@MV_Dev_Null DNS over TLS here - it works such a treat.

But I might add @Ana that if any of us can provide you with more help or useful information, please ping us back here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.