Which DLM stability profile does Cuckoo Broadband use?

Hi, I was just wondering about this, as it affects how BT’s DLM system profiles lines over time (based on the number of ‘errored seconds’ and line retrains/resyncs).

The one’s that I’m aware are ‘Speed’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Stable’.

Also, does this profile ever automatically change, say from ‘Speed’ to 'Standard?

@cbdeakin here at Cuckoo we use Standard. I presume you’ve been researching into the different elements of DLM and VDSL product features. None of these particular settings make any difference to what we can do. All that it does is makes DLM bias to certain parameters.

And no it would never change from ‘Speed’ to ‘Stable’ - not by itself. Only if we modify the policy of the line.

We would not change the policy unless in exceptional circumstances and certainly not after a DLM reset.


Hi Edd,

That’s useful to know thanks! Looks like there is (a little) leeway on the Standard DLM profile, so that’s good.