White Router Option

I currently have a Technicolor Router from my current supplier that’s a nice white colour that blends into my decor nicely. I had the option of choosing Black or White when supplied.

Bit concerned you may be sending me a black one as you didn’t offer a colour option when I signed up :))

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Hiya @tofudave

As Far as im aware the only colour option is “Black” on the Technicolor Router that Cuckoo
supply however if you have your own “unlocked” hardware in “white” then you could request your login details to use that hardware.

As my suit is Black & Silver it goes well with my outfit.

If @alex had his way it would most probably be yellow & white & shaped like an egg :smiley: :egg:


Good question. We experimated with routers and found the black one was most popular. I was even keen to offer different skins. That’s definetly in the plan! You know me to well @PhantomR1982

This was my MVP attempt last year at router design…yes I did spray paint my router…

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 07.48.54


I Just Roared Out Laughing at that Image @alex and was eating a bacon sandwich and nearly choked (although im supposed to be out saving the universe)

Joking aside though the skins/shell option would be an innovative choice and very custom to the network your building.

Lets Create a Poll in “FeedBack & Ideas” on Router Colours and see what people think just for fun i never thought you would actually do it unless it was a PhotoShop style edit,However The Speaker Style Grill on the top would look nice in white with the yellow so well done.

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Hi Alex. I just found your company while looking for a short term broadband. I found that Technicolor routers are quite popular around incl. here.
It is the brand you would normally not associated with IT immediately, so why that choice? Also, the suggested cost of it here or else doesn’t seem to be low either. At that price, more established brands in networking should be also available. Why this choice?

We found the router was the right balance between Wi-Fi experience and value for money. We tested it quite a lot. In the future we may push into other routers but given this is year 1 in the lifetime of this Cuckoo bird, we thought we might as well as just make a decision and test and learn.

Who else would you suggest?

Ok, cool. When I recently needed to buy a switch, I asked colleagues from the infrastructure and Unix department (a quite big tech company) and they advised me several models but mainly Netgear and TP-link being good value but preference was on the Netgear (managed one to setup VLANs which is handy). Draytek was also mentioned, but a bit higher league in terms of cost. That is what they use for home needs. Corporate kit is very different :slight_smile:
I don’t know if Netgear/TP-Link actually offer modem/routers…
Thanks for responding so swiftly.

Now, I just got myself some other contract, which I will cancel using the cooling-off period and get yours just purely based on experience on here. Only 1 condition I have :slight_smile: Installation on 8th Jan or very shortly after… I don’t have broadband atm…

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Yh heard good things about Draytek. I think we’ll want to offer more than one option in the sign up flow in the future (and make that experience intelligible for normal people! Alongsid picking the wifi name and all that jazz.

Win! :+1: And we’re launching our brand spanking new referral engine next week so you can earn £20 each time straight into your bank account when you refer friends.

8th Jan should be no more probs. Though would only say that sometimes the great overseer at Openreach sometimes decree that Friday switches get delayed to the Monday. So maybe pick a Thursday just to be safe?


I will be moving in on Fri to the new place :wink: I am not sure if I can get stuff organised before hand. I can ask Agent about that though. Thanks for the tip.

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