Whole house coverage

I am (potentially) interested in the Cuckoo offer. However, I have has lots of trouble with my current provider (EE) over coverage to the whole house, rather then just the room the router is in! Partilly resolved by TP extenders, but still some dead spots (no, the house isn’t overly large). I would purchase a different router if that would help.
Is the Cuckoo service likely to suffer the same issues? Or do they use some sort of different technology?

Generally if you are experiencing these types of issues, even with extenders I would suggest you purchase high-powered hardware such as Wifi6 Enabled router with better extenders than TP link ones. Alternatively get an expert to help with your home wireless network as it seems like your house probably has very thick victorian-era walls that can make the signal suffer.

To note: Switching providers won’t improve your wifi strength, only the hardware will.

Thanks Dan, the house is 70’s built so the walls shouldn’t be that thick, and its a 3 bed bungalow, so not vast (as EE suggested) either. I dont really want to buy yet more hardware- none of the three different types previously suggested have helped. Wi-fi coverage via phone is great. Im at a loss to understand what the Broadband signal isnt!

Interesting you state wifi coverage on your phone is good? What devices are you struggling with?

I might not mean wi-fi- just internet connection on the phone is fine all over the house.!Other devices are MacBook, iPad, Alexa,.Watch is ok as feeds off phone.

Maybe its where the router is positioned? Is it near a microwave / surrounded by metal or by a old wireless phone?

I dont think it’s the position.

:joy: yeah I agree looks like its a good spot. Have you attempted to change the wifi channels? Or split the 5ghz and 2.4ghz bands?

I have split the channels, which did help a bit. I can’t remember if Ive tried to change the channels. 18 months of EE suggestions (many of which are just repetitions of earlier ones) wears you down a bit.

The best kind of solution to houses which suffer with wifi signal is a mesh system; I picked up an ASUS router and node kit for £70 and have it set up for a colleague who has a two story house; works a treat :slight_smile:

Thank you. Will I have to be a tech wizard to set it up?

Thankfully the majority of mesh units are engineered to be fairly simple. Especially the more consumer units from Eero and Google :slight_smile: The asus is slightly more techy but its a set up and forget about it kind of affair.