Why are we starting a community?

Broadband is boring. But it could be so much more. And we want our community to help build a broadband business even our mums would be proud of. We started because we saw people had a problem (:point_down:).

We want to be always learning. And create that beautiful flywheel of progress, where the community directs our vision. Here’s a slide we presented to our board (:point_down:).

So we want this forum to be a place for humour and humility, a place for you to incubate the ideal broadband business and a place for general broadband chat. You might see some of the people below (:point_down:).


A community absolutely brings you closer to the brand and makes you feel involved. I love that!
Word of mouth is incredibly important (which you’ll know) and having an easy way to try and get help/share knowledge is a fantastic use of resource :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ryan. Sadly word of mouth will have to be via the phone/Zoom calls for now :slight_smile:

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Or… can shout it from a 2m distance :wink:

“WOULD YOU LIKE CUCKOO BROADBAND” I shout down the street.

Maybe I’ll leave the marketing to @Tommy


Could be the next advertising campaign :wink:

Dont give me ideas! :joy: